Monday, July 21, 2008

30 days and counting...

It has been a month since I have turned up Down Under and it is time now for me to rant a little.

The depression from my recent job-rejection has worn off by now primarily because I am still attending interviews. However after the two this week, I have no more permanent job interviews lined up and this is worrisome. To divert my attention from anxiety, I have stepped up temporary and casual job-application (I applied for 9 yesterday – mainly office administrative jobs). It is tough that you need previous experience even for casual jobs and agencies have told me that it is harder for a non-Australian to enter the Aussie workforce as locals tend to put specific Aussie experience in too high a regard. A consolation however is that once one gets a job, it is very much easier to get another one.

So apparently I just need to get my foot in the club door it seems…

When I was in Singapore, I planned to give myself 6 months here to land a good permanent job so to date, only 1/6 of that plan has failed so I should really not be jumping up and down like that fussing and fretting, should I? Those of you who know me will know that I just can’t put my mind at ease unless things happen exactly the way I want it to be.

Enough about jobs and the number one stress factor in my life right now. What else is happening Down Under you might wonder? Well World Youth Day (WYD) has just ended and thank goodness it is over. You must all have heard about the anti-annoyance law that the government tried to pass in an attempt to paint Sydney (or Australia for that matter) as a docile and God-fearing city/state. For those who still don’t know, the law gives law-enforcement officers the right to fine anyone who engages in behaviour that annoys pilgrims up to A$5,500. (Note: annoying behaviour ranges from wearing offensive T-shirts and handing out condoms to promote safe sex to protesting that the tax-funded WYD event is a big waste of money.) Come to think of it, I was rather shocked initially to learn that WYD would be held here for Sydney never gave me that religious an impression. I guess it is part of yet another government’s series of nation-building plans with or without public consent and understanding. The anti-annoyance law brought a lot of dissent and much upset and I was totally not surprised that it did. Sydney becoming as Draconian as Singapore is certainly not what I signed up for. As I was on the home-bound train from an interview packed with rowdy WYD youths, I was rather annoyed and was wondering if there were any law that could help me get some peace. If I had a religion, I would so be thanking its God that WYD is finally over.

Well that rant certainly made me feel better.

The weather has been fine for many days now and I really should be using this time to relax and enjoy myself as Ision’s friend told me I wouldn’t have such a chance to rest once I start work. Of course he is theoretically right but he fails to recognize that I am bleeding money and not earning it right now and R&R activities cost money! So I confine myself in the apartment except during times of jogging, gym, grocery-shopping and the rare going-out with Ision and his friends (to keep myself still sane). My life is really boring right now and utterly not representative of Sydney’s city life and not what I envisaged my life would be. To make matters worse, I have a webcam session with my mum tonight. I dread that because I have nothing positive to report and I would hate it if she feels that I am “suffering” here because of my decision to leave Singapore (ie. her).

Everyone has been telling me that things will go my way eventually. I truly believe that will happen. What I sorely need now is something no one can give me and that is patience…

(PS: Australian Idol is coming up and I see at least one Asian in it, maybe I do stand a chance next year after all!)


Ision said...

I agree... go sit in the park and enjoy the weather!

Kim said...

That's R&R I know but not exactly the kind I have in mind. If I go out of the apartment and sit in the park, I will be tempted to spend money eg. on a simple coffee. I want to avoid even that and hence it is safer to not venture out unnecessarily.

Daniel said...

Australian idol? And you think it has the same low standard as Singapore's? *splashes cold water* =p

Kim said...

Aiyah. You never know until you try mah. *shields cold water with supreme singing confidence* 8)

Roy Tan said...

Hey Kim,
Knowing your persistence, tenacity, determination and perfectionism, I have no doubt that you'll succeed in landing a job you're please with.
Missing you terribly here in Singapore.
Outings are not the same without you.

Roy Tan said...

I hate myself when I make typos - amend the "please" in the above post to "pleased".

Kim said...

Thanks Roy for dropping by and for your kind words!!!

Yes, I really miss our outings... We used to talk just about anything and everything under the Singapore sun.

You have to come visit when you come to Aussieland OK?

Much love from me too,