Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My first Reiki experience

Maybe you do not know but Ision is a Reiki master and tonight I took the first step in wanting to and accepting a 15-minute session of energy healing from him as well as 2 other Reiki masters.

Within the first minute of Ision placing his hands on my face, I felt a strong wave of energy surging into me. It's very very hard to describe it because it was a feeling that I have not felt before. You must really feel it for yourself! Ision was actually surprised that I felt the energy so quickly. During that minute, I blurted out that it was very strong and Ision explained immediately that was because there were 3 Reiki masters giving me the healing. I found that I had to breathe faster otherwise my head would explode with that strong, pulsing and warm energy inside of it. It was amazing but then again "amazing" is not the correct word to use. The session certainly rid me of my skepticism about this whole energy/spiritual healing thing. I cannot explain it very well so you can visit Ision's blog (the link is provided below my profile picture) to learn more about Reiki.

I had so many questions to ask after the session and I asked them immediately when I had the chance to after describing to them what and how I felt. I told Ision at the moment I felt the surging energy, it was as if I was totally connected to him and that I felt love coming at me physically. It was like the love between us was increasing exponentially at that very instant. It made me want to cry there and then. Ision later explained that Reiki helps to channel love too (again I am not explaining it very well and using the correct terminology here).

Also, when one of the masters placed her hands on my legs, I felt warmth seeping into my bones all the way through. I thought to myself mere warmth from a person's hand will most certainly not be able to penetrate so deep and so there must surely be something more here and indeed there was. She felt that the energy around my knees was weak and I quickly attributed that to my regular jogging which must have strained my knees over time. Ision also felt my nasal area being weak (I have had nasal congestion problems for some time now). Ision added that Reiki is really good for pain-relief as well as other kinds of healing.

Reiki basically brings the body's energy into balance and as a result, you become more relaxed, calmer in your thoughts and feel as if nothing can irritate or bother you. I am really curious how much better I will feel after the session as Ision said if I have received a full hour of healing, the effects could last for up to 3 days! I do feel more relaxed now and Ision as well as the others have also noticed a dramatic clearing of my skin's redness and blotchiness although I could not see the difference as clearly as they did.

I am so glad that I have decided to put my skepticism aside and give Reiki a try. I am one of the biggest skeptic I know of and I am really convinced this time after a mere 15-minute session that Reiki is something that has extremely powerful effects (and yet being something very simple). I have yet to tap into much of that and also understand the different properties, functions and systems of Reiki and its relation to spirituality but I am positive that this is definitely going to be the start of a very interesting and potentially ground-breaking personal journey of discovery.


Lynda Lippin said...

I'm so glad you decided to try Reiki, and what a great first experience! If you are really interested in the practice I highly recommend having your friend show you the treatment hand positions and give you a first attunement. You will then practice on yourself for 21 days and really feel the energy and become more comfortable with it, as well as be able to help others. Good luck!

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Kim said...

Thanks for your reply Lynda! My partner will give me the first attunement next week and then I will write more. Pity I don't know Reiki now as he just injured his calves during gym today and Reiki would relieve much of his pain.