Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How well do you know me?

I have finally got my arse off the seat and created the “How well do you know me” quiz on Facebook, something that I have always wanted to do. Of all the useless and nonsensical stuff on Facebook, I think this is the most meaningful and that was why I put some effort into coming up with this twenty-question quiz. I will give the “model answers” here along with short write-ups so that all of you can understand me that much more. If you have not taken the quiz on Facebook, you can have a go here before checking out the answers.

1) At what age did I write my first song?
a) 4
b) 13
c) 17
d) 23
e) 30

In the first year of junior college when opposite-sex crushes were high in fashion, writing love notes and poems were very common. I jumped on the bandwagon and started writing songs as well. I don’t remember who I wrote the song for and where that song is right now though. 1995 - 1996 was also the time when the Taiwanese singer/song-writer 熊天平 (Panda Xiong) got famous and he was the person who ignited my love for song-writing.

2) How many long-term relationships (> 1 year) have I had?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
e) 10

My first long-term relationship lasted for 7 years and many of you would know who that person is. There were a lot of small ones that lasted for several months along the way but all of them did not make the mark and in the process causing much heartaches and tears. My next one was with Ision. So far it is 2 years plus and counting!

3) Which of the following places have I lived in?
a) Queens
b) New York City
c) Brooklyn
d) New Jersey
e) The Bronx

I lived in New Jersey for about one and a half years when I was part of a government-sponsored training attachment programme in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of you answered Brooklyn and you are partly correct. I was dating a guy then who lived there and I stayed with him during the weekends. Those were the days when I would roam Manhattan streets aimlessly soaking in all the sights and sounds the island had to offer. I really miss that place!

4) What was the biggest letdown of my 4 years in university?
a) Not finding a relationship on campus
b) Not staying in a student hostel
c) Not spending more time partying/less time mugging
d) Not getting my 1st-class Honours
e) Not pursuing a music-related degree

I have been whining about this for a long time to some of my friends so they must be quite sick of hearing this. Well I only have myself to blame for I offended my research project supervisor big time and he did not give me a good grade in the end. I just needed a grade level-increase and I would have been there. Even a formal appeal amounted to nothing and I practically wasted four sacrificial years of soul-breaking hard work. The worst thing is that some of the 1st-class Honours recipients that year were quite mediocre compared to me!

5) What is the body part that I am most proud of?
a) My hard 6-pack
b) My logical brain
c) My strong thighs
d) My romantic heart
e) My soft hair

Almost all of you got this wrong and of all the wrong answers, this aggravates me the most. I know I have been obsessing over my abs ever since I got them but if you truly know me, you would know that the thing I pride myself most upon is my logical mind and how I can see things in life clearly as a result of having that. Some got this right and you deserve a pat on your backs!

6) What sort of video games do I like to play the most?
a) Sports
b) Puzzle
c) Strategy
d) Arcade
e) RPG

This is one of those trivial questions that I must throw in to make the quiz not seem so heavy. I only restarted playing computer games after getting the Xbox360 a year ago and so I do not expect many of you to know the correct answer. I used to play PC-based RPG games exclusively when I was a young teenager but found that they were too addictive and decided to stop playing altogether to concentrate on my studies. What a good boy I am!

7) What do I want most in my life currently?
a) Securing a loving relationship that lasts forever
b) Being able to buy whatever I want
c) Becoming a famous singer/songwriter
d) Sharing life with close friends
e) Having a job that I have passion for

This is the first trick question (well, sort of a trick question with the operative word being “currently”). I already have a loving relationship right now that I know will last forever (or at least that is what I will continue to strive for all my life). And since I have buried my dream of becoming a singer, the next thing would somehow have to be related to my career. Chemical Engineering was chosen not out of passion but necessity and as discontented as I am at my profession, I am also reluctant to get out of this practical comfort zone. So I guess the way to go is to make the best out of a worst-case scenario and at least work towards not sucking at my job. Some of the jobs (unrelated to music) that I can see myself doing (but not necessarily doing it)–personal trainer (low-paying unfortunately), soft-porn star (don’t be shocked…) and social escort (…because this is coming). Looking at those choices, I think I should either focus on my current job more or seriously consider branching into music as a song-writer.

8) What is my favourite colour?
a) Purple
b) Pink
c) Orange
d) Red
e) Green

This is yet another one of those trivial questions. Purple has always fascinated me because it is neither red nor blue but something that I can never really put my finger on. My favourite gem stone is amethyst because of its colour. Coincidentally it is also the gay colour.

9) What do I like to do? (arrange in an increasing order of preference)
a) Nude-beaching, karaoke, yumcha, shop, watch movies
b) Yumcha, shop, karaoke, watch movies, nude-beaching
c) Shop, yumcha, watch movies, nude-beaching, karaoke
d) Yumcha, watch movies, nude-beaching, shop, karaoke
e) Karaoke, yumcha, shop, nude-beaching, watch movies

This must be an irritating question to many but a simple way to approach it is to look at the thing you know I like to do the most. In this case it is nude-beaching. Then take note of the wording of question (increasing order of preference) and voila, you have the answer. Yes, I am a nudist (if you don’t already know) and will grab hold of any opportunity to spend some time in my own skin in nature. For the sceptics, you will never know how it feels like until you have tried it!

10) Which of the following do I identify myself with the most?
a) Narcissistic
b) Loving
c) Musically-gifted
d) Honest
e) Gay

This is not an easy question and is quite similar to the “logical brain versus hard six-pack” one. Being honest is one of the character traits that I hold dearest to my heart (I know a lot of my friends like me for that) and I cling on to that even though sometimes it borders on being blunt or tactless. Although being gay is extremely important (see the last question), being honest goes to the very core of my being. Heterosexuals can be humans but I cannot be human if I am not honest. That is how I live my life.

11) When I was a child, what did I want to be when I grew up?
a) Engineer
b) Singer
c) Doctor
d) Policeman
e) I never thought of this question

This is one of those questions that I find strange because it is so over-asked yet something that I have never asked or thought about myself. Perhaps growing up in a poor family has made me such a pragmatic person that dreams got squeezed out of the equation. What could earn the most dough would be the only way to go. This teaching thus left no room for such a question to be asked, let alone answered.

12) Which Singaporean food do I like the most?
a) Po-piah (unfried version of the spring roll)
b) Roti prata (flat bread cooked on a hot plate)
c) Ba ku teh (pork ribs in herbal soup)
d) Indian rojak (deep-fried dough in various forms)
e) Char kway teow (fried noodles in dark soy sauce)

When it comes to my strong discipline in life, food is my Achilles heel. This explains why I am slowly losing my lean abdominal definition (it is still good but not as good as before). And being in a city where authentic Singaporean food is very hard to find, you can imagine how much I miss po-piahs. I saw them being sold for $6 each in a Chinese New Year fair and I thought it was too expensive (I was also too full after having just eaten at that time) and decided not to buy it (big regret for I never saw it being sold ever since. Sigh).

13) Which singer do I think is the most talented?
a) Jay Chou
b) Faye Wong
c) Leehom Wang
d) Tanya Chua
e) David Tao

The operative word in this question is “talented”. Faye is my idol but Jay is by far the most talented of the lot. He created a genre of music that other song-writers emulated and much credit has to be given to him. It is not easy to be a trend-setter nowadays in this increasingly “been there, done that” world. By the way, I heard that Faye is making a comeback. If you have any credible sources to support that, please keep me informed!

14) Which of the following is not what I add to my sentences?
a) Preees-ah
b) F**king hell
c) Alamak
d) Harooo-oh
e) Aiyah

Yes, I do swear but only when I am at home or when no one can hear me (when I am in public). It is usually expressed out of frustration and is not directed at anyone–seeing that I have not really scolded anybody in my life before (is this a normal thing?), I certainly cannot imagine myself swearing at someone in his or her face! The answer to this question is "Alamak".

15) If today is my last day on Earth, what would I do?
a) Party all day long
b) Eat the most sinful food possible
c) Spend all the money in my bank
d) Spend it with Ision
e) Spend it with Ision and my closest friends/family

Is this a trick question? I will leave that up to you. Of course I would want to spend it with my closest friends and family if I have the time. But seeing that it is my last day on Earth (presumably not a scenario of inter-planetary migration), I would want to spend it in Ision’s arms. Just cuddling, till my time is up.

16) Approximately how many times do I check my Facebook every day?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 40
e) 50

This was written before Facebook got unblocked at work. I am sure the number is greater now (it was 20 times per day). Well there is nothing more to say other than the fact that Facebook in my opinion is an extremely good way to keep in touch with all my friends especially when I am so far away from them (although I must say that using them to play games is a bit silly).

17) At what age did I come out of the closet?
a) 16
b) 18
c) 20
d) 22
e) 24

This is another one of those questions regarding age that most people will get it wrong (in hindsight, I should not have added them). I came out of the closet when I was still in the army (in my second year) and it involves a long story that I have told a lot of my friends. But I only came out to ALL my army platoon mates during one of the last reservists I attended. They took it extremely well (seeing that they are “Hokkien pengs”) and even wanted invitations to my wedding! But I know life would have been hellish for me if I had come out to them at 20. Maturity and sense need time to develop.

18) What is my biggest concern at work right now?
a) Too many projects to handle with too little time
b) Not fitting into the culture and losing out
c) Workplace being so far from where I live
d) Company is not offering good career progression
e) Irritating colleagues that affect my daily mood

This is a follow-up question to question 7 (if you got that one right). All the choices above are things that I am concerned with right now but only one of them is the biggest. Seeing that I have decided to make the best out of the worst-case scenario, I would naturally desire a career with good progression. Right now my company is supposedly going through a tough patch because of the economy and all external training as well as pay increments are cut (the poor economy is a common excuse for cutting cost). Being a contractor seconded so far away from the head office, I constantly feel left out as well. However I see this job only as a stepping stone (since I urgently needed to settle down with some sort of employment right after I arrived in Sydney) and will definitely move on in one to two years’ time. As to what to move to, it is still up in the air at the moment.

19) What genre of movies do I like the least?
a) Thriller
b) Drama
c) Horror
d) Romance
e) Comedy

This is the last of my trick questions (which is not exactly one if you read the question carefully). I find 99% of all comedies slapstick at worst and cliché at best. Maybe I have a more sophisticated or different sense of humour but most Hollywood productions fail to impress me. That is why I will never pay good money to watch one at the cinema. There is one comedy coming up soon that I want to watch though (on my computer of course). Bruno.

20) How important is being gay to me?
a) Extremely important
b) Very important
c) Important
d) Doesn't matter
e) Not important

I feel that one’s sexual orientation impacts on almost every facade of one’s life (possibly only the spiritual aspect is unaffected–even this is debatable). If you were straight, imagine yourself waking up tomorrow and realising that you are gay. How will your life change? If you were married, how would you handle your spouse? If you had kids, what would you tell them? If sexual urges arose, who would you go to? How will the dynamics of all your other relationships change? Basically your whole life turns upside down. So if you ask yourself the same question, being straight would be extremely important to you as well. Gays who say that their sexuality is not of primary importance to them should all go through the above thought process.

So do you now think that you know me much better? By the way, no one passed this quiz on Facebook thus far and the best score is 45% (I must admit it is a tough one). In retrospect, I should have made three versions of the quiz–easy, moderate and hard! Anyway, what you learn at the end of a test is the important thing, not the results and this applies to everything else in life as well. See how wise I am? All credits go to my brain, not my 6-pack!