Sunday, January 31, 2010

My very 1st MTV!

Finally, this is out!!!

I am surprised that quite a few of my shots were included in the final edit. I will not elaborate on the purpose of this MTV which I mentioned briefly in this post (go to the website for details). It was a very very hot day in that house and we had to constantly wipe our perspiration off with tissue between cuts. Lots of footage was filmed but much was scrapped (notice how only kissing between females were featured? The reason is obvious, something which I do not agree with of course). But it was great fun and it is clearly evident from the video.

A great new experience. A meaningful cause. And a chance to put myself out there. All of myself!


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Kim said...

Thank you thank you!!!

Just back from my month-long vacation. This blog will soon be inundated with many new pictures!!

Stay tuned!!