Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hong Kong (the more interesting stuff)

OK, whether these pictures are “interesting” or not is debatable but I just wanted to single them out because I think they deserve separate attention.

I chanced upon this shop in Causeway Bay selling popcorn of all sorts of strange flavours ranging from sweet (eg. watermelon) to savoury (eg. cajun) ones. However I am not a fan of popcorn so I gave buying some a pass.

After paying HKD23 to enter the Giant Buddha (which gave me a small but free vegetarian meal), one would see the legendary singer Anita Mui’s tablet. Though not an attraction per se, it was a little hard to miss. No photography was allowed but I guess I am a rebel.

There was police presence everywhere on the streets. I was told that was because of an acid-splashing incident and subsequent copycat cases. I think with such levels of human traffic flow everywhere and at any time of the day, there should always be police presence with or without acid-splashers!

This was supposed to be the exact location where the acid-splash took place. I guess crowded spots are the best for such acts.

H1N1 and its impact. About 10% of the commuters on public transport were wearing masks (not sure if they did that more to avoid catching something or to prevent others from catching what they had) and I did see mask-wearing people in Singapore as well (not as commonplace). It is rare to see mask-wearers in Sydney though.

I guess with such hilly landscapes in Hong Kong, slopes have to be carefully documented with associated risks properly studied eg. rock falls, erosion, etc. Still it was strange to see a sign like that right smack in the city centre.

There were plenty of missing-dog notices on Lamma Island. Oddly I only saw dogs at the built-up ends of the island but not during the trek across it.

Although having a seafood meal either at Lamma Island or Sai Kung was in my itinerary, the way these touting shop owners went about their business just turned me off. Lamma Hilton–should I laugh or cry?

If you were not paying attention, you would miss this interesting little tidbit. In most apartment elevators, the floor numbers with the inauspicious “4” in them would be skipped. I guess those with numbering OCDs would find it hellish to live in such apartments.

This was where I took my forty winks in Hong Kong. The sofa bed felt uncomfortable at first but I was so beat at the end of every night that I could fall asleep on a slab of spiky stone! The apartments are small and LEGO-like (developers pack as many buildings and storeys as possible in a given area) but I find them cosily so–I do not mind staying in small apartments per se although I would definitely mind staying in this bustling mad house we call Hong Kong.

The kind soul who put me up and saved me much money. We were having supper at Temple Street’s Mido Café.

My photographer friend who brought me around. We were on the Star Ferry going to Wan Chai.

Ah… Hong Kong, Hong Kong. The entire trip was not unpleasant but after living in Sydney and getting used to its pace of life, that of Hong Kong was simply out-of-this-world–I was so glad when the trip finally came to an end. It was good while it lasted but I do not foresee visiting you anytime soon (maybe never), my Pearl of the Orient.


Unknown said...

Rats, I didn't pay the money to enter the Big Buddha. By the time Siva and I realized it, we were already at the top and too lazy to turn back.
Gabs looks dazed...you tortured him rite? XD

Kim said...

Huh? I thought Gab always looks dazed or at least has that qian4 bian3 look?

Huh (again)? You pay to enter the Buddha at the top. Or did you mean by the time you realised it you were both at the bottom already?