Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hong Kong (the videos)

People say that a picture speaks a thousand words and so naturally a video speaks a thousand pictures. So to save me the time it takes to type one million words, I will show you some of the videos I have taken whilst I was in Hong Kong.

Lunch on a weekday at Tsui Wah in Central. My order came just as I was taking the video. Can you tell that from watching?

On board the tram up to The Peak. Holding of the handrail was a must as the incline steepened.

It was too foggy a day for the Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride to be worth the money but I did it anyway. Now I know what it feels like to float into the unknown.

Running up the long flight of stairs to get closer to Buddha. The heavy panting towards the end was not due to a lack of stamina but the extra effort I had to take in order to squirm rapidly past the crowd.

Shopping at Ladies’ Market. This is a huge attraction of Hong Kong right? I wonder…

One more disappointment during the trip–the dim sum experience at Lin Heung Teahouse. Haven’t I already learnt the lesson of not going into things with expectations?

Sorry to bore you with yet another letdown–The Symphony of Lights.

On board the Ding Ding tram–the lazy man’s way to see Hong Kong without having to walk.

The serene racecourse at Happy Valley with spectacular views. I actually had an urge to run around the track naked.

A video of the vacation’s gravest mistake– poor walking shoes. I am amazed I did not throw them away during the trip.

Hong Kong traffic during off-peak hours. Can you tell that it is off-peak?

Human traffic at Central station–I missed the earlier travelator stretch where people walked shoulder-to-shoulder. That is Hong Kong for you.

One more interesting happened in Hong Kong (the amateur photo shoot) and I will share those photos as soon as they become available. I hope you are half as eager to see them as me–I simply cannot wait any longer!


Daniel said...

U old already la, panting on the dash up to the Big Buddha. During the cable car ride, I saw people trekking up the mountain...woah

Kim said...

There is a BIG difference between a leisure trek and a run up the stairs whilst trying to fix a camera at an angle and swerving around masses of people lor!

慧玲 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

Kim said...

Thanks for dropping by 慧玲!