Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The ultimate way to be shot

Back in February this year when I went back home for Chinese New Year, I grabbed the opportunity to squeeze in a shoot with a friend and photographer Cobalt.

It was just like any other hot and humid day in tropical Singapore except that we were shooting nude in the open forest. This is my first professional outdoor nude shoot. Not only did we have to trek a long way in, we had to risk being spotted. We had to abandon our initial location as some people were seen jogging (I wonder what would happen if they saw me in all my naked glory).

We had a photographic assistant with us and another person to constantly stand guard–our early warning system. Shooting in the bushes was tough as maneuvering in my own skin meant that I was constantly scratched and prodded by undergrowth. Luckily my skin was left in tact and everything went smoothly.

With all the trouble and hard work from everyone, the many shots taken that day have been distilled to the following few. It was worth all the effort as I think we had spectacular results but I will let you be the judge. Even if the whole exercise were to fail standards, at least I got to be one again with nature and trust me, nothing beats that feeling.

PS: Artistic license had to be maintained by the photographer and hence the way one of the pictures was censored (I would have done it differently if it were up to me).


Kim said...

By the way, the photographer has requested me to not mention the nature of the shoot location for fear that he might get into trouble. But suffice to say, we saw some soldiers jogging on that day...

Unknown said...

awesome pictures :)

Kim said...

Thanks Terence. I hope to have many many more taken.