Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musical journey (2)

Being bilingual is one of the traits that I am rather proud of and a really good "proof" of that is that I write songs in both English and Chinese. This thought made me realise that firstly I have not uploaded any works that I only wrote lyrics for and secondly I have not shared any English songs that I have written thus far. I will address the first "issue" with this month's musical journey and then let you have a taste of my English songs in my subsequent posts.

The first piece was originally a tune I recently received from my dear friend back in Singapore which was by itself a collaborative effort between her and a member of a band made famous by a reality show-type singing competition. It is basically a love song in which the singer struggles to find the source of his pain–a toss-up between his still physically-lingering partner and his not being able to get over the doomed relationship.

Here are the words of the song followed by its translation in English:

[I Don't Wanna Cry]

/词: 锦泉//曲: 美莲 + Nic @ 迷路兵/

I don't wanna cry

I don't wanna cry, I know I've tried

I don't wanna cry, please say goodbye


I don't wanna cry, just tell me why

I don't wanna cry, I don't wanna lie



[I Don't Wanna Cry]

I don't wanna cry
Now that the feelings are all gone
Please stay outside the door
I have failed myself
For I cannot shrug off
The fatigue and dependence stuck on me

Letting you near is the harm I have caused myself
Serves me right

I don't wanna cry, I know I've tried
The dark night and tears always have to come together
Only because you have long seeped into my veins

I don't wanna cry, please say goodbye
Let this be the chance for you to repay what you owe me
Why do you still refuse to leave?

Letting you stay is the torture I have given myself
Not again please

I don't wanna cry, just tell me why
Time and tears are always in a race
Trapped by thoughts of you, I am knee-deep in a sea of fire

I don't wanna cry, I don't wanna lie
If I could cry you out of my heart
I would continue to endure in tears

And you still refuse to leave

The second piece in this post involves a back story. Back when I was still in Singapore, I performed 摇篮 in the first-ever concert put together by COMPASS (a local organisation that manages music-copyrighting and royalties) which showcased original compositions by its fellow members. I thoroughly enjoyed singing on stage and it gave me a high that nothing else could compare (it was held in the old Parliament House). A famous local song-writer was in the audience and he was looking for someone to write words to a Chinese song which was part of a local telemovie's soundtrack. He contacted me soon after the concert and gave me two days to write the lyrics with only a quick summary of the movie's plot (consisting of one or maybe two sentences). He did tell me that the movie would be distributed to churches as a preaching tool but I could not care less as that was really a golden opportunity for me (I was not even paid for my work and I was still totally happy about that) .

I remembered how the responsibility of writing for a musical giant weighed on my shoulders–it was constantly on my mind and I could not concentrate on my day job at that time at all. However I was impressed with myself for delivering the song on time (and the result) as well as having the chance to sing and record it (in just two takes ie. I sang the whole song once in one take and another time in another take with a different feel) at his ginormous (it can fit an entire choir) and state-of-the-art studio. He was quite easy to work with although as big names go, you would expect some level of diva-esque attitude. After the recording, I waited patiently for the finished product to arrive. The song came soon but the actual movie only came many months after that. It was so worth the wait for my name appeared in the closing credits–this has always been one of my dreams.

Here are the words of the song and as usual followed by an English translation:


/词: 锦泉// 曲: Iskandar Ismail/










我发誓再也不会 跌倒


The neon lights burn no more, the party music plays no more
The cold moonlight wraps tightly around my haggard body crying on the floor

My heavy heart is unable to shirk off the imprisoning handcuffs
Only leaving my shadow behind could I see how small I am

Having lost everything I love
Having won a room of loneliness
Only time is left to slowly grow old with me
Tell me how I can live through this torture

Right and wrong are no longer important now that I have lost your embrace
I can only beg for forgiveness on my knees in the corner, can you hear me?

The old me did not understand my wrongs
As I acknowledge the pain today
If I were to have another chance to walk again
I swear I will never fall

I do not wish to continue to drift in the ocean
For I know the shore is right behind me
Today I shall create the road to my bright future
I swear I will never fall

As for the clip, I have included the original segment of the show when the song was played (with self-added subtitles). In the movie, the last verse was not included and this is why you can also find the complete song below the video.

I hope the classic Mediacorp-feel of the clip was not too much for you (well I could not do anything about that). Do look out for more musical journeys coming up!


Anonymous said...

how come i duno you sang this song (跌倒)leh? da jie

Kim said...

Huh? I thought I told you before? It was some years back. Should have brought the DVD with me when I was back home so we could watch it together. What do you think of it?

Anonymous said...

i LIKE the chorus:)))

The verse a bit soft..lemme go listen again. why no backing track? :P


Kim said...

Glad you like it. I am waiting for you to make the backing track lah -- you got all the accompanists at your disposal!

Listen to it a few more times and give me more detailed comments can?

PS: I finally watched "Identity". The first thing I thought was the boy but later thought it was too predictable but it turned out to be him in the end. Nice concept though.

Anonymous said...

Did you change the melody of any part? cause i thought the 2nd line of verse and last line before chorus sounds a little different.

I do feel some of the lyrics a little bit cliche..the song gave me a very 90s feel. not sure if it's my melody also..hmm.

I'm going to try to change the melody a little bit maybe. u have any thoughts on the melody?


Kim said...

To be honest, the mp3 you gave me very not consistent in pitching. I don't know whether it was out of tune or on purpose so I intepreted it myself.

Yes, words quite 90s I must say. I guess I was in the 90s mood at that time.

Please change the tune if you want and make sure you sing and record more carefully (pitching) this time.

Anonymous said...

aiya, then u should have told me and i send u a clearer one.

will let u know.