Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tantric observations

You should know by now that I am a nudist (with an exhibitionistic flavour) and it would not surprise anyone that I chose to attend a nude tantric yoga session recently. I am a pretty seasoned nudist so it would take a lot to impress or shock me. As predicted, the whole nude tantric yoga experience was kind of bland but still I have made some observations from that night.

Observation 1: The dark setting flattered everyone, some more so than others. I did not need the room to be that dim myself but I am sure for the sake of the entire class, many would have deemed it necessary. There were lots of mirrors around too which was always a good thing.

Observation 2: There were quite a few cute and even hunky guys, much to my surprise. You see, a lot of nudists I have encountered are free spirits (which made perfect sense) and the philosophy of free spirits is to try to not control anything. Of course there would be exceptions but generally when people relinquish control, one of the things they let go is their diet and consequently their physical shape. Suffice to say there were good exceptions that night (with only one obese person).

Observation 3: Participants could share 10-visit passes (I did not think it was allowed) which meant that the cheapest anyone could pay for one session was $10. If you were not clever enough to take advantage of that, you could well be paying up to $17.50 per session. Naturally, I belong to the clever group and shared the 10-visit pass bought by the friend I went with.

Observation 4: It was a rainy winter night and yet there were almost 25 people there that Sunday night and this must be quite lucrative to the instructor. You would think that instructors charging that much would be 100% professional but as free-spirited gay men, it was hard to control sexual urges in front of other attractive free-spirited gay men. So as expected, the (gay) instructor was not totally professional. He purposely put himself in a group massage section of the class which had the hunkiest guy of the lot–this was a deviation from the normal class format. And as the massage went on, he was obviously concentrating on the hunk’s nether regions more than other parts. I know this was pardonable given the circumstances but I still felt that the instructor should be professional enough to not let this happen. Of course what made me feel more bitter was that the instructor was clearly not into Asians.

Observation 5: There was quite a bit of posing work as a couple and so it made sense to have the instructor partner someone with a person of similar built. I made a prior request to be partnered with someone of a similar (muscular) built with the knowledge that it might be too much to ask for. Fortunately my (Asian) partner was not too bad (he was cute too). The hunky (Caucasian) ones whom I was ogling would never be assigned to me because of dissimilar built and this was a major disappointment. How many muscular men (who are nudists) of my height are out there?

Observation 6: Frankly, I was expecting the experience to be more sexual but at the end of the day it all boiled down to one’s partner. There was a lot of mutual touching and if your partner were not touching the right parts for whatever reason, you might not want to bring your hands to those parts on him as well (for fear of getting him out of his comfort zone). However I felt that I was too tame and that might be why my partner was too tame as well. If I were to go next time, I would make it overtly sexual and push the envelope further.

Observation 7: We were told to come to the class freshly-showered and apply deodorant (for obvious reasons) but there were still people (one in particular) with very strong body odour problems (think people heavy on the curry diet). I really am starting to think that even if these people were to shower in bleach, the smell would still permeate from the pores (I used to think that they were just sloppy when showering). Mental note: steer clear of those people in the future (we could send the instructor an email before the class advising him not to assign particular people to us as partners–phew!).

Observation 8: There were opportunities to put yourself out there if you wanted to “cruise” around especially before the class when everyone was just standing around and waiting. I heard from other attendees that people sometimes proceed to full-on sex after the class elsewhere. This is totally understandable especially when people generally do not cum during such tantric yoga sessions and after being edged on for the whole time, it is difficult to not want to end the night on a happy note. I guess if I really wanted to push the envelope to the extreme, I could cum there and then (of course the partner would have to be into that as well). I wonder what would the others think if I were to do that?

So now the only important question left unanswered is “would I go for another session”? As I have mentioned above, I felt that I have yet to go the distance to make the class as enjoyable for me as possible. To be honest, I was also a bit displeasured that I was not propositioned for sex (all gay men are sluts deep inside if not already on the outside) especially when I clearly had one of the best bodies around. But then again I was also too shy as it was my first session–maybe I will up the ante much more in the next class (I would then risk incurring greater disappointment). In any case, it was still not time yet to stick the “been there, done that” label onto tantric yoga and so you will probably see me there in the next class for despite being stark naked, I still had spare inhibition to shed.


Ision said...

As usual a totally on-the-fence way of looking at everything :p

Kim said...

On-the-fence? Maybe I will not be after my 2nd visit.