Saturday, October 16, 2010

The reflection series

Time to reveal some flesh again people! This series of shots was done at a friend's studio on top of a piece of perspex to achieve that sleek reflective and symmetrical look that the photographer wanted. I like collaborating with him because he is very passionate about his work and pushes himself very hard and hard workers appeal to me. As a result of this positive energy, I put in even more effort to get the results that we both wanted. Also I had the pleasure of being made up before the shoot by his assistant who is also his partner. The entire shoot lasted a full day (which left us absolutely famished and exhausted at the end) and there was another series squeezed in as well but that will be for another post. I really love this series not only because I have not done something of this genre before but also how it shows another side of me and I hope you would like it too. I will certainly have him shoot me again but the next one will be done outdoors for summer is looming right in front of us!

Visit for more of his work.


Anonymous said...

er.. a bit too much liao.... :) da jie

Kim said...

Artistic lah. I think I look good in them and a lot of people like the series.