Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Musical journey (8)

This month’s musical journey comprises of a very simple three-worded message that has been romanticised by Hollywood and Hallmark to unspeakable levels since time immemorial. Before we let our increasing age jade us with skepticism, we have to admit that there is really no better way to succinctly encompass the indescribable feelings of affection, tenderness and care than these three words. Of course those words must be accompanied by genuine feelings, not unrequited or worse still imagined love, otherwise they hold absolutely no weight at all.

And in this world there is a single person who completes my three words with truth, kindness and strength. That is why I had to write him this song when I discovered that in him lies the right one. I know he is going to say that I am being too soggy again but I still have to say this to him.

I love you.

[I Love You]

I won't lie, when I saw you there I knew it would be right
I think it must be those eyes
I wanna dive, from the moment after I first said goodbye
Into your heart where I'll stay for life

And now I've kissed you
The truth remains as clear as your eyes
With every breath I take I'll say it to you
Every day and night

I love you, there's nothing else I wanna do
But to hold you close, to feel you
And pray that one day I can say
Yes I do, I love you
I thank you for these tears in my eyes
'Cos I know you love me too

Love isn't blind, 'cos your love has guided me straight to the light
I was in the dark all my life
Minutes fly, how I wish we could move faster than time
So I can stay just one more night

But still I'm grateful
'Cos love is not so easy to find
That is why I'm never gonna let go
Till the day I die

This will be my last post of the year. See you all in 2011 and have a great New Year!


Ision said...

Last post? The Ashby post should be last one...

Kim said...

I am leaving that for the next month (ie. against your wishes).

And you ah, I thought you will comment on the subject of the post. Scold!

Ision said...

well... next month already.... Where ah? Ashby post??

Kim said...

So impatient one!!!