Friday, December 10, 2010


I have done 3 shoots in the past few weeks to take full advantage of the warm summer weather and so I think it is time to post the pictures from my last shoot (that took place in winter). I know I should not have kept all of you waiting but too much of a good thing can be bad... Hehe. Conceited much?

The pictures in this post were done in the same studio, by the same photographer and on the same day as those from the reflection series. Of course there was first the compulsory oiling up with the help of the photographic assistant. Then came the arduous task of getting the lighting right. You see there were two light sources and the photographer wanted to get it exactly right. Of course things had to get more difficult with the lights sometimes not firing but finally he got what he wanted and the shoot with the sword started.

It was fun posing with a samurai sword for the first time although it gradually got heavier and heavier as I got more and more tired. We also threw in some shots of me wearing a silver mask. I am not sure if that went all that well but still the whole experience was quite interesting. At the end of the shoot, we were all so famished but fortunately by that time we had very nice pasta already prepared by the photographic assistant–talk about having multiple talents!

I will be involved in another shoot this weekend to complete a photographer’s series that’s meant for his first exhibition. Apparently for the shoot, I will be painted silver from the chest up including my face and hair to achieve a dipped-in-paint look. I was promised that it could be washed off easily–it better be for I have to attend a party after that!

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