Thursday, January 20, 2011

Musical journey (9)

I remember a few years ago I was attacked by a strange viral disease that my doctor was unable to diagnose. It was then when I realised that maybe we should not put too much faith in doctors and their know-how, especially when it comes to viruses. According to my doctor, there is still a great deal of unchartered territory in medical science and knowledge when it comes to viral diseases. That was why one of the courses of action was to try to kill the viruses off blindly with a barrage of different antibiotics and hope that one of them actually does kill it. Sounds really professional and scientific isn't it?

Anyway I had to go through a blood test every few days or so for a few weeks to monitor my viral load. At one point in time, the doctor even told me based on the way the virus was behaving, he did not rule out Ebola. EBOLA?! Was he freaking kidding me? Fortunately my viral load started dropping and the pneumonia-type symptoms went away. This experience gave me new-found appreciation of the importance of health and how we should all do our utmost to protect it from any possible harm. To this date, nobody knows what exactly infected me and it will remain a mystery forever.

Whilst waiting for my doctor's appointment to have one of those blood tests, I started to write a song to vent my frustration and to express how sick I was of feeling sick. The song is actually not about a person but a relationship falling sick as I felt that it would be more "marketable" to write something related to love instead of Ebola. In this song, the singer is worried that the ailing relationship might make him too ill to continue loving his partner. Although the video is unrelated to the story, I think it suits the feel of the music and arrangement.


/词 / : 锦泉/

生病了 下雨了 秋天了
昨天的泪水呢 不见了
风停了 人走了 生病了


想要吐却吐不了 也泄不掉

快无可救药 你我之间感了冒
焦红的嘴 怎么能再为你微笑

停电了 痛为何清楚了
天破了 灰色的 生病了


想苏醒却醒不了 也睡不着

快无可救药 你我之间感了冒
滚烫的手 怎么能再把你拥抱

[Falling Ill]

Falling ill, falling rain, falling leaves
The broken first-aid kit feels happy
Yesterday’s tears have disappeared
The wind stops as you leave me falling ill

The syringe fails to hit the pressure point of death
The medicine fails to dissolve
The fever fails to ebb even when the suffering can no longer be felt

There you are stuck in my throat
Which I can neither throw up nor excrete
As I burn at thirty-eight degrees

We are close to being beyond cure
As you and I embrace this cold
How can my charred lips smile for you ever again?

Why does the blackout make the pain more visible?
Dawn breaks in the grey sky as I continue falling ill

The blood I bleed for you refuses to clot
The plaster fails to remain stuck to my wounds
Please do not cry for me doctor

There I am at the brink of consciousness
Unable to awaken and unable to slumber
As seventy thousand sheep jump around me

We are close to being beyond cure
As you and I embrace this cold
How can my feverish hands hug you ever again?