Sunday, February 13, 2011

Going West (2)

As promised, this is the second of three posts with pictures from my recent West Phillips shoot. By the way, 3 of these pictures have been taken down by Facebook (each with a warning, the last of which I was forced to acknowledge before I could log on) and so there must be some people from my friends list whingeing about them. Since I will never know who they are, I have taken the precautionary measure of taking 23 of them down. And then I uploaded those pictures again and so far so good. But if you do not see me on Facebook for some time, you will know that I have been banned from the social network. I am willing to take that risk in the name of art. Hehe.

PS: If you haven't grabbed a copy of the latest DNA magazine, go get it! I was told by a friend in the business that this is the Mardi Gras issue and will get lots of exposure. He assured me that bigger things will come my way so fingers crossed! A little secret–I am featured in not only one place in this issue!


Chris said...

The pictures are great. Too bad some people are spoilsports.

Kim said...

Thanks Chris. I know, that is why they should remain in the recycle bin.