Friday, March 18, 2011

Musical journey (11)

I am sure by now you have all seen the incredibly devastating clips and images from one of Japan's worst natural disasters. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their loved ones in this tragic event. Here is a song dedicated to those whose lives will forever be changed by this earthquake and tsunami. I know this song is not in the correct language and is just a very raw demo but I still hope it can bring them as well as the brave souls in the rescue missions the fortitude that everyone so sorely needs right now. Look up, tomorrow is not far away.


/词 / : 锦泉/

天色昏暗, 暂时看不到天亮
只看见你满面惆怅, 更忘记了信仰
只要你心中持着希望, 就一定能看见曙光

一片荒凉, 摧残你所有梦想
改变了生命的方向, 一切都给灭亡
但你要试着看透灰茫, 活着就是一种力量

我们意志向着前方, 踏出第一步放弃绝望
而你的步伐会更稳健, 更坚强

我们斗志亢奋激昂, 为的是让你重燃希望


[Look Up]

The sky is dark and grey and dawn is nowhere in sight
But I can still see the melancholy on your face
You have even forsaken your faith
Although you are still worn down by depression
All you need is to hold on to hope to see the light

The vast devastation evidences the destruction of all your dreams
It changes the direction of your life, annihilating everything
But you need to try to see through the bleakness
Because being alive is in itself a source of strength
Don't forget we are also all here by your side

If your reach out and let us combat this hand-in-hand
Cruel fate will not stand a chance to get in our way
When our will points forward as we step forth to abandon despair
Our strides will get steadier and stronger

Open your eyes and let warmth flood your hearts
Let it instantaneously drive the desolation in the wind away
Our fighting spirit is rousing so that hope can be re-ignited
Because tomorrow is not far away

Just look up

I think it would be great if someone could help me create the accompaniment for this song (note the key change at the chorus) so that the complete version can be put out there. Let me know if you want to assist me in playing this small part in helping those affected by the natural disaster to recover. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Nice song. Yea.. quite sad to see the disaster scene on TV. Celine just came back from Qing Dao (10 days), a school's education immersion program. She is so happy to come back and see English street signs again.

Hope you are doing fine, which I think you are, from your blogs. Take care! Da Jie

Kim said...

Yes, I am well.

Right now I'm actively looking for an apartment to buy. In fact, I am in the process of looking through a contract right nwo with a solicitor. Depending on the results of that, I will then decide on the timing of coming back home for a month's stay. I need a long break from work. I will keep you posted.