Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Musical journey (12)

Have you ever been in an off-and-on-again relationship? It is hard to be objective when you are knee-deep in this vicious cycle, not to mention stand back to look at the picture. Why do people repeatedly put themselves in harm’s way just to revive something that has reached a dead end?

This month’s musical journey gives us a glimpse of one of those reasons.


/词 / : 锦泉/

枕边没有你, 温度下降到零下二十九点


受过伤, 能让人长大一点
你说谎, 怎么也不厌倦
团团转, 我像个小孩在绕圈圈
被你欺, 被你哄, 被你诈, 被你骗




[Fated to Sin]

Dawn breaks
The temperature beside me drops to minus twenty-nine in the bed without you
The tears that have seared my cheeks have long vaporised after flowing for an entire night

Night falls
Beside the phone, I am alone anticipating your whispers
Frantically afraid that time would heartlessly leave me behind

Hurt makes us grow
You never seem to get tired of lying
You spin me around like a little kid
As you repeatedly bully, coax and cheat

There is no point in wasting time and lingering around something that is broken
Just to build a seemingly complete but frail relationship
If I do not allow history to repeat itself
Maybe I can have a better tomorrow

Why do I need to repay the sins you have committed in your past lives
How many cycles of rebirth will it take for us to not owe each other anything anymore
All I want in exchange for all that wretchedness is another night of passion with you

It is too hard to look back and the tears are getting even harder to swallow
Yet I have no idea what is covering both my eyes
How can I quit this love and cure myself of the poison I drink
I refuse to continue living like this from day to day

I am literally about to open the apartment door and head for the airport, officially starting my month-long trip back home. The detailed itinerary has been set and I know I will have a very good break from work (and Australia). I will miss my bibi (very much) though. I will continue blogging whilst overseas so stay tuned for more of me!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Work has been busy this month and I need to clear a lot of it before I go on my one-month break back to Singapore so this will just be a short post.

Back in February, my picture was showcased in an exhibition called “Shrouded” which featured men with different media shrouding them in various ways. Some were covered in powder and charcoal, some with drapes and netting and I was covered in silver paint from chest up. The shoot only lasted for less than an hour as the photographer knew exactly what he wanted and directed me to a series of fixed poses. Then I was sprayed with water to create a running-paint effect which I thought did not turn out very clearly in the final edits. Still the whole experience was interesting as I have not done something like that before. After the shoot, I kept the silver hair intact for a white party that same night and it looked fabulous.

I went to the opening of the exhibition with a few of my friends and my picture was well-received. The silver paint intrigued some as it was not totally obvious which part of the body was painted. I guess it achieved the intended sense of the “Shrouded” theme.

Here is the entire series with the last photograph being the one featured in the exhibition, along with me posing with that shot at the exhibition. I later realised that the same picture is also on display at a clinic in the Sydney Hospital. Looks like I am really going around!