Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Work has been busy this month and I need to clear a lot of it before I go on my one-month break back to Singapore so this will just be a short post.

Back in February, my picture was showcased in an exhibition called “Shrouded” which featured men with different media shrouding them in various ways. Some were covered in powder and charcoal, some with drapes and netting and I was covered in silver paint from chest up. The shoot only lasted for less than an hour as the photographer knew exactly what he wanted and directed me to a series of fixed poses. Then I was sprayed with water to create a running-paint effect which I thought did not turn out very clearly in the final edits. Still the whole experience was interesting as I have not done something like that before. After the shoot, I kept the silver hair intact for a white party that same night and it looked fabulous.

I went to the opening of the exhibition with a few of my friends and my picture was well-received. The silver paint intrigued some as it was not totally obvious which part of the body was painted. I guess it achieved the intended sense of the “Shrouded” theme.

Here is the entire series with the last photograph being the one featured in the exhibition, along with me posing with that shot at the exhibition. I later realised that the same picture is also on display at a clinic in the Sydney Hospital. Looks like I am really going around!


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