Friday, May 6, 2011

Musical journey (13)


This is what I use to remember our anniversary date–we kind of got together on 6th May 2007 (ie. 5/6/7 in the American format). I said “kind of” because I was seeing someone else (M) back in Singapore around a month before that and it was not really working out with him. However I could not end it without really trying my best to make it work (that has always been my mantra) and so Ision was hanging on throughout that period, during which I frequently told him about my time with M and its struggles. Ision might deny this but I can clearly recall (and have the emails as evidence) him being really sad that we could not be a couple when I broke the news that I have decided to persevere on with M to him. He even wrote a poem expressing his dejection and overall state of mind during that time. That was the first and last time throughout our relationship that he has ever done that. It seems really incredulous now that I reflect on that whole episode–how upset he must have been at that time to do something that “out of his character”.

Of course that abusive thing with M died (it lasted for a month or so) and I was finally free to commit to Ision sometime around May 2007. There seemed to be a gap of about ten days between the last email indicating M and I were still together and the next email (dated 6th May 2007) clearly showing that Ision and I were a couple. I cannot recollect why there were no emails exchanged during those ten days and so we simply decided that the formal date we got together is 6th May 2007. A quick check of my trusty spreadsheet™ now throws up the formal breakup-with-M date to be 4th May 2007. I guess our anniversary could very well be on that date as I was so ready to move on immediately after that very doomed affair. But since 5/6/7 is so easy to remember, 5/6/7 it shall remain.

When I look back at the origins of us, both Ision and I really took a big risk in opening our hearts based on a long-distance thing. We all know that high risk investments = high returns and I must say in retrospect, I am glad I took that risk. We arranged to meet for the first time in August 2007 when I flew to Sydney. I gave him his half of the set of couple-rings as soon as we met (the rings that we are still wearing today) and the rest is history.

And it has been four years since 5/6/7 and it is time to celebrate our anniversary on this day. I wrote this song for Ision before I left for my vacation as I knew that I would not be with him physically today. He has not heard this song before like the rest of the world and so it is really exciting for me to release this demo here for this special occasion.

Ision, I don’t say this enough but I have grown to love (almost) every part of you down to your grumpiness and idiosyncrasies (amongst other flaws–hehe). When I come home from work, I want to see your face. When I go to bed, I want you to be beside me (so bad). When I am upset (or cold), I want you to cuddle me. When I want attention, I will make a silly noise to get some reaction from you. In fact, all those “wants” have slowly developed to become “needs” which is generally what happens when two people get so accustomed to one another.

Ision: What drugs are you on?
Kim: The drug of raaf.

Ision: BR!

If I am a junkie because of him, it would be an addiction I am happy to keep up. Why you may ask? Because he makes it so easy.


When you're next to me
All I want to do is breathe
Breathe you into me
And that is all I need

The world is strange
The world is cold
I can't face it
It makes me weak

But then you come and sit with me
When all I need is to breathe

Then I close my eyes
All I want to do is feel
Your big arms wrapped around me
How do you make it so easy
So easy

When you say something silly
That only we know what it means
Seeping into me
Love from these simple things

The world demands
The world denies
I don't care
It can't get to me

Without doing a thing

How do you make it so easy
So easy

Baby I know this will last forever baby
I do not use this word lightly
But I am happy

Four years it has been
Four years I've been smiling
Without doing a thing
How do you make it so
Without doing a thing
How do you make it so easy

Bibi, I love you. Happy fourth anniversary. I will be home in your arms soon.


Ision said...

hello.... there were no emails because we were talking in MSN Messenger :p

Happy Anniversay BB xxx

Kim said...

Haha... That explains it... Because I don't MSN now and haven't for the longest time so the MSN concept escaped me completely.

Happy anniversary my love!