Monday, July 4, 2011

The month away (part 1)

In the second half of April, I took a break from the frustrations of work and spent a month away from Sydney and it is only now that I finally got around to tidying up all the pictures. I will not write a lot of words telling you how those 31 days flew by as I know people like pictures and ultimately they still beat words 1000 to 1.

Universal Studios

I got to be a total tourist with two of my girlfriends for a day at Singapore's Universal Studios. It was surprisngly well done-up and with a 20% credit card-discounted entrance fee and only one ride (Madagascar) not opened, I thought it was a really good day trip!

Universal Studio had many cash cows under its name and Jurassic Park was one of them. The rides in this section of the theme park were the most boring (one of which thoroughly drenched me from head to toe) but of course a photo-op like this makes up for all the inadequacies.

One of my friends did not dare to go on the more thrilling rides (ie. the majority of them) and so we did some of those meant more for children who failed minimum height requirements. I really appreciated her for accompanying me as she had to sit out the reason why people go to Universal Studios in the first place.

The best ride of all. This ride was split into two lines, one suspended and one not. The suspended one was so much more exhilarating especially the double-revese-loop-through-thick-mist part. Fortunately I had a special pass that allowed me to cut the queue altogether. Boy! The queues were long and it wasn't even the weekend or school holidays!

The top picture features the sound stage where a special effect scene of a category 5 storm in Manhattan was simulated whilst a musical containing all the favourite movie monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula is shown in the bottom picture. Well no photography was permitted in both locations but...

This was "The Mummy" theme park which had the most entertaining (ie. scary) indoor roller-coaster ride of all. Ision said I would grab all opportunities to show my biceps off. Yes, I unashamedly admit to that.

I am not sure what the proper name of this pose is (if anyone knows please kindly tell me) but it sure is popular. This picture was not taken within Universal Studios but outside of it (in front of a huge candy shop).

A repeat of the same pose. I cannot remember what the theme was for this part of Sentosa's biggest tourist attraction but I thought it called for such a pose.

My best girlfriend told me that this both-hands-in-the-pocket pose made me look very straight and I shall take that as a compliment. This picture best showed the theme park in all its touristy glory.

"Far Far Away" as in Shrek, another cash cow of Universal Studios. Pity the movie lost all its appeal from the second sequel onwards. And like all cash cows, it had to be wrung till no more juice came out of it (the last installment truly sucked). By the way it was really hard to avoid other people in all of these pictures so kudos to the photographer (after many tries of course).

One of the stationary "rides". Well, sort of.

Universal Studios from different angles. The top right picture was the sci-fi section of the theme park. The best ride I mentioned above is from this section and it featured the Battlestar Galactica storyline.

Do you really think that I would miss out on baring my body in a crowded public place? You must be out of your mind. At least there were two good reasons for doing that (the ultra hot and humid weather being one of them).

And so this concludes part one of a series of posts detailing my 31 days of rest, fun and catching up with friends and family which included 2 overseas trips and 7 photo shoots. So stay tuned for more!


Daniel Tay said...

What were you wearing... some red cross singlet? Did u sneak by me in SG or is my memory failing?

Kim said...

Not red cross singlet! Just a singlet with the design of a red cross in front.

We went to Liang Court remember with Jing, Cecilia and Meck? Your memory is indeed failing!

Ision said...

only one day covered in this post.... does this mean there will be 31 posts, one for each day?

Kim said...

You ah. So like that one!