Thursday, July 28, 2011

Musical journey (15)

One really happy thing that happened during my trip back home was the chance to meet my best girlfriend’s love-of-her-life. More importantly, I got to feel how happy she was because of him and the relationship. Cliché as this may sound, I am really very happy for her (of course, it gets even better when he really likes me too). Have you realised that I have used the word "happy" three times in the previous three sentences? That surely must say something especially when I so rarely do that!

Anyway I predict wedding bells will ring soon for those two and so I have already told my girlfriend in advance what the dates are to avoid because I would not be able to take leave due to work commitments (do you think I would lack the foresight to not think of that?). I am going to be the best man you know–my first-ever opportunity and I absolutely cannot miss it (and screw that up)! I know I am so jumping the gun right now but there is no stopping something that is so right and so meant-to-be (you should see them together!).

Another big reason why I am so happy for my dear friend is that she has gone through several shitty relationships and so it’s high time she gets the bliss she deserves. Ancient dead-and-buried history it might be now, it did bring some hardship back then and this month’s musical journey documents part of that. I shall not go into those private details here so I will just let you get a feel through this song.

[爱 。感冒]

/ 词 : 美莲 / 曲 : 锦泉 /





[Love. Sick]

The cold air permeates the streets that have just been showered upon
As our passionless silence spreads in this cafe
The cup of coffee in my hands slowly grows cold
Our hearts can no longer depend on each other

I didn’t know that love can actually fall sick
Being overly-sensitive is an incurable illness
Everyone can see that trying to rekindle what’s been lost is not the cure
Because there can only be a full recuperation if we quarantine ourselves from each other

Lost in the hustle and bustle of love
We forgot to consider how little we knew each other
A fleeting taste of romance
Is not the same as a ticket to happiness

Our ailing love is worsening
As I can no longer feel anything holding your hand
Instead of wasting each other’s time
It would be for the best if we both let go

PS: I wonder if she will do the same thing for me and take a trip down under when the time comes...


Phoebee said...

Hw can u question tt? Of course I will!!!!!! :)

Kim said...

Thanks dear. Wanna double make sure plus confirm and guarantee!

Michael said...

Wow you're a natural poet. The translated lyrics remind me of poetic-ness of Epik High's lyrics. A korean hip hop trio.

Kim said...

Thanks Michael. The Chinese lyrics were written by my friend. I wrote the tune as well as the English translation.