Saturday, August 27, 2011

The month away (part 9)

In this last post of my month away in pictures, I will be sharing photos from one of the hottest shoots I have done so far. Satisfying my exhibitionistic desires to the fullest, this daring topless shoot right in the middle of Bangkok's popular shopping district gave me an experience of the city in a totally different light.

The shoot began very well from about dusk albeit the attention it was attracting (something which I LOVED). We were always looking out for authorities trying to stop us from proceeding further since Thailand is still ultimately a conservative country. About twenty minutes into the shoot when the photographer was trying to set up his tripod in the middle of a steady stream of human traffic, he was stopped by a security guard who told him that that would cause too much disruption. Without being able to set up the tripod, the long-exposure shot we were after was impossible and we had to adjourn elsewhere.

After moving to a more isolated spot, we did some shots on a bench and continued to garner lots of gawking. Then we moved to the side of a busy street where we did the rest of the shots that required me to keep perfectly still to achieve the desired effects. All in all it was a hot night (for more reasons than one). I love to work with this no-nonsense photographer who knew exactly what he wanted (I had another shoot with him showing Bangkok from another angle). He told me that I have given him one of his all-time favourites, which is on sale here.

So the documentation of my month away concludes here. It has been great sharing part of my life with you and an even greater opportunity to continue showcasing the fruits of my modelling projects.

Sizzling Silom

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