Saturday, September 10, 2011

Musical journey (17)

Occasionally, I will feel like opening my song-writing toolbox and sharpening my tools. This is when I go online, randomly choose an instrumental piece with a nice rhythm and then fill in the tune and words. When I write songs this way, the words are usually written after I come up with the tune (for me, it is harder to do it the other way round using this method). At times, I would try a never-before-attempted genre and challenge myself. When I start writing, I become obsessed for the next few hours up to the next few days depending on how much inspiration I have at that time—I would not rest until I finish writing, recording and making the video.

In this month’s musical journey, I will share a song I have just written out of this tool-sharpening process. The genre I have chosen this time round is hip-hop and having so many free-to-use backing tracks online, it was not difficult to get started on the creative process. If you don’t personally write (or have song-writing as your breadwinning job), it will be hard to understand that energy surging from within you pushing you forward as well as the immense satisfaction you get when you listen to the finished product over and over again (of course it doesn’t hurt to love your own voice and find it comforting. Hehe). Perhaps the greatest perk of writing your own songs (or poems, novels and what have you) is being able to call it your very own and to assert without any doubt that it is completely original and that you can never hear it anywhere else. It might not be very good but it will always be wholly yours.

So here is a take on hip-hop with my newest song about a jilted lover being played by the game of love and eventually turning the tables around to play love as a game.


/ 词 / 曲 : 锦泉 /

, 为什么要放弃
, 为什么你逃避

, 你只回了四个字 “ 我都晓得 ”
, 手机你关上了
, 叫我怎相信呢?

没, 没什么大问题
, 没有什么关系

, 等不到你那一句 “ 我心领了 ”
, 愿望一半实现了
, 我没什么选择

, 悔不悔, 累不累, 谁负谁, 没所谓
, 美不美, 对不对
, 连你都不得罪

, 给都给, 亏都亏了, 追啊追, 又何为
, 碎的碎, 醉的醉
, 是你真的不配

, 怎么走下步旗
, 网络上再继续

, 为什么我该放弃
, 为什么你偏偏选择逃避
, 没什么太大的问题


Hey, why does one give up?
Why must one find a reason to love?
Hey, why must you escape?
Your lack of perseverance is what’s wrong with you

I have told you how I felt and you simply replied “I know”
Then everything quietened down
As you turned off your phone and blamed it on a dead battery
How can I believe anything you say?

No, it’s not a big problem
If you don’t include the fact that people treat love as a game
No, it doesn’t matter
Because you are not the one wasting time in the end

I will no longer send you flowers after receiving no sign of acceptance
People split up and come together all the time
And since I have realised half of that
I have decided to let go for I have no other choice

Do I regret it? Am I sick of it? Who betrayed whom?
It doesn’t matter anymore
For now I only need a night of restful sleep
Exacting revenge on one another—is that a pretty sight? Is that a right thing to do?
I act with no guilt for I have chosen to not offend anyone, not even you

I have given and I have lost so there really isn’t any point to continue pursuing
The price I have paid is far less than the value of the lesson learnt
Your withdrawal and my heartbreak swirling in my drunken mind
I am not wrong, it is only you who are wrong for me

OK, how should I make my next chess-move?
I now have the strength to play love as a game
OK, let the search continue online
I know one of these strange faces will become familiar one day

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