Monday, October 24, 2011

The whole package

As you know, I have been published in Thailand's Attitude magazine in August and in this short post, I will share with you guys the rest of the series. The article was titled "Whole Package" as quoted from one of my interview answers and though I think I do live up to that title, I hope you will feel the same way too with these offerings. Enjoy!

PS: A fan of mine later sketched one of the pictures in this series and the physical drawing is now being sent to me via air mail as my birthday present! Isn't he sweet?


Oat said...

I read your messages from Attitude Thanland
I like a lot, you are the idol
You can see me

Kim said...

Thanks Oat! Please join my Facebook page and click "Like" if you like what you see.


เกย์ชัดๆ said...
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Oat said...

I liked your story very much.
I have inspired

And I wish you and your loved me so long.

I am sorry if my English is wrong.

Kim said...

Thanks for your comments once again. I am glad I have provided some inspiration with the Attitude magazine article.


Anonymous said...

My apologies Kim
Great to see my sketches on your blog!
Glad to see you "move" so many! deserve any praise you get....seriously
Michael of Dublin

Kim said...

No worries Michael, I posted your sketch after I posted the pictures anyway.

What do you mean by "move"? Did you also mean "group", "manipulate", edit"?

Thanks again for your kind words. Though I receive a lot of compliments, I never grow tired of them and most importantly, I never get used to them and develop a swell-head. Well, at least not the bad kind!

Anonymous said...

"Move" can mean a swollen head......with predictable outcome (? spelling)
I really meant "affect" and "interest" ..... an interesting forum indeed.
I recommend Kenneth Clarkes treatise on "The Male Nude"

Kim said...

Hmmm... OK.