Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Musical journey (19)

Thirty-two years have made me and passed me by on this day and I have never been prouder of what I have accomplished in life so far. More importantly I see my future in a very positive light and that is the best thing anyone can hope for in this day and age when it seems there isn’t much around us to be happy about. We all hope for hope.

We spend countless hours and untold number of calories complaining about life and what it has thrown us into. I do that too but I try my best to split my frustrations into solvable problems (short-term and long-term) and unsolvable problems. Once you categorise life’s challenges like that, you would have essentially eradicated all problems in your life because firstly you don’t really have to worry about unsolvable problems (since they are unsolvable!) and secondly a solvable problem is not a really a problem if you have a realistic plan to tackle it (and then follow through with it till the end). Life is complicated enough with all the greys in between the black and white so we have to compartmentalise and break it down into as many discrete bits as possible. This is but one of the ways I manage my life.

Another very crucial (if not the most) aspect of life is your relationship with yourself because it shapes every single thing you do, every single thought you will ever construct as well as the impact you have on others. I cannot repeat this cliché enough but you have got to love yourself first before anyone can love you and no one is going to do that hard work for you because they simply cannot. I shall not write another piece about loving yourself but suffice to say you have to put that as the top priority in your life before everything else. Unfortunately it takes maturity and some falling down to get it right as we all continue to learn more about ourselves throughout this journey.

Since no one can help you love yourself, if you have successfully done it, you can then claim all the credit—this is one of the best rewards you will ever get in life. This also makes you a much more independent person and someone who doesn’t spend his whole life pleasing other people. The world is a huge place full of different people, some of whom will hate you forever (with or without good reason to) and so it is wasted effort trying to get them on your side. Focus on the people who support you and make you feel good about yourself and weed out all the others. This is yet another way to simplify life by the act of compartmentalisation. Of course as you get more independent and sure of yourself, your tolerance for other people’s bullshit and drama will gradually drop and this is a good thing—just don’t let the aggravation become bitterness and alienate you from the rest of the world (think of a bitter old man all alone in a retirement home).

Before you accuse me of being too preachy, I must admit that I am also guilty of all the things that I know I shouldn’t be doing but at least I am aware of it. That is why looking (metaphorically) at yourself in the mirror once in a while is useful—it allows you to examine your current position, the things that are wrong with it and how you can redirect your path to a more desirable spot. I am but another student in this lecture called life and I have been in that classroom for thirty-two years as of today.

To celebrate this day, I have written myself a birthday song incorporating all that I have said earlier and then some. I hope you will find it both musically- and inspirationally-uplifting.


Now's the time, say goodbye to your fears
Open your mind, you will find your dreams are so near

All you've got to do, is to love what's in you
'Cos there's no one who can do that for you
There's nothing to lose, you've got the right to choose
To embrace or hate yourself, it's up to you

The journey's not smooth, you'll fall and you'll bruise
But never give up what you've set out to do
That doesn't mean you have to play by the rules
Make your own and let them all follow you

You're free, believe in yourself
'Cos you know you can make it
And you'll see nothing can stand in your way
'Cos it's your right to be free so take it

Do what you have to, to find that real you
Out of the shadows of those in front of you
Only when you love you, you can find another to
Then every day will truly be worth waking up to

It's my time, my time to shine now and here
It's my life, everything's so bright and so clear
Thirty-two years have made me and passed me by
Right in front of me, I see nothing but light

I'm free, I'm me
And I know for certain who I'm gonna be
Take me or leave me
But I'll not let you say no to me

'Cos I'm free, I'm me
And I know for certain who I'm gonna be
Take me or leave me
Try as you might but there is no way that you can break me


Edwiin Lee said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Kim.

Nice song and nice video.

I happen to like Gliding. I hope I can do it one day, own my very own Human-Powered Aircraft where I can roam the world.

I could relate to something I wrote sometime back. Not sure if it makes any sense, but here goes:

Abysmal Freefaller.

Standing at a cliff, would you make the leap?
I can't remember when I took the plunge, it's probably too long ago.
But I remember how I felt when I first jumped.

I thought I'd hit the bottom.
However, there's no bottom, it's a bottomless pit, still is.

And I realised that I was actually freefalling into an abyss.

What else can I do while freefalling?
Laugh and enjoy the moment.

Then I realised another Incredible truth...

I was not alone.

Kim said...

That's very poignant Edwiin. Was it a poem or a song? It would be great if it were a song.

It seems like we are both quite emotive people and like to express ourselves in the same way. I think there is not enough of people like us. Don't you think so?

Thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving your precious comments.

Edwiin Lee said...

You're welcome, Kim.

And thanks for the compliments!!!
I'm not sure if it's Song/Poem material.
I don't know what makes either.

It just to describe how I feel.

Freedom is when I give it away.

Kim said...

Perhaps you can send me something you have written that is of a typical length of a song and I can try writing a song out of it? I like musical collaborations like these—it gives more meaning to song-writing.

Edwiin Lee said...

Not all songs have to be long,
especially in lyrics.

It gets messy and too cumbersome to sing and be understood.

Give me a feeling or a situation, I might be able to work from there.

Kim said...

OK, perhaps you can write about 2 friends slowly becoming lovers and then realise they are better off as friends?

I will leave the decision of whether they break up eventually as well as the fate of the ensuing friendship up to you.

Edwiin Lee said...

I'm more for two enemies that became lovers.

The thing about this kind of love is not commonly seen but relate-able.

It begins where, of course, both parties find that they hate each other to the core. However, it is because of this fact that they are bend to find each other's minor details, ones that even their best friends or anyone close to them don't even know.

They reach a point that they each know their deepest darkest secret that they slowly learn each other's reasons for their actions and suddenly grow respect for each other.

A bond between them grows, love forms.
By now, everybody around their world can see that this love can't be broken. It simply can't.

It is one of the strongest love I've seen around by far.

Kim said...

In my opinion, this is usually the stuff for movies. In real life, especially with the rapid pace of the rat race (work and off-work), people often have no patient to go beyond the first layer of judgement unless really special circumstances force them together ie. what you'll find in a movie plot.

But that being said, I am not for a second thinking that that would never happen! Truth is commonly stranger than fiction.

Edwiin Lee said...

Hmm, writing about two friends that started to become lovers and then realise they are better off being friends isn't very easy to write.

I'm also assuming that it should not be any gender biases, so "me & you" could only be used.

It's not an easy one. It's something that people 'easily' forget or want to forget. Especially when they really do break up and whether they can stand being just friends.

Have to do more research on the material.

Kim said...

I think if the more important objective is to get the most number of people to like the end-product then there should be a happy ending. If not, it should reflect what usually happens in real life, be it an ending which is happy or not.

Edwiin Lee said...

I learnt not to appeal to most number of people but people worth grabbing.
In addition, to garner a larger audience, in such a situation, is to keep it simple, not to have any endings at all.

We would have to attack that feeling of loss where one or both or either side of the story, don't know how to proceed.

I derived this statement from what we wrote, still attempting to fill up the rest.

"Started off as Friends,
Better off as Friends."

Kim said...

Peservere on!

Edwiin Lee said...

"Started off as friends, better off as friends"

1) Long Distance, Moving to another country or state for further studies attachment, short/long term.
2) Living overseas for a short term.
3) Cohabiting and realised that they can't live with each other.
4) Lovers left behind by arranged marriages
5) extramarital affairs.
6) Homosexual encounter where there's an unexpected sexual event and one ends up wanting to be emotionally entangled but the other party does not.
7) Starcrossed (?) or
8) simply, where both parties know what each other want in their partners, at the same time not wanting the other party to change for them.

These are what I've gathered so far, not sure if there's more.

I wonder which perspective the song/poem should be from.

Kim said...

Go with your heart and what you feel at the moment you start writing. It will flow much better this way.

Edwiin Lee said...

The thing is, I don't have prior knowledge or experience no this matter...

I don't start with being friends.

"Started off as lovers,
Better off as lovers."
Meaning, if we are not lovers... we can't even be friends...
I don't mind being friends, but so far only one would, be we didn't start off as friends.

Kim said...

I do think that writing from a personal story works best, especially when the wounds are still fresh... My songs are best when they are personal.