Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just another guy on Gaydar

This is just a quick post to inform my fans that I have been featured in the Gaydar's December "Meet Him" newsletter. I have been featured on Manhunt before too (in June this year). Hmmm... I wonder what I shall conquer next?

PS: The photographer of my latest shoot is seriously-considering sending some of the pictures to Playgirl magazine. I know there is just less than 5% chance that they will use them but still to be considered for that does say something about my sex appeal, doesn't it?


ryan小王子 said...

No...think that they will consider to use your picture. That shot was really awesome and sexy! You're among them representing the Asian! :P

Kim said...

Hehe, thanks ryan! Yes, it is quite uncommon for them to feature Asians so I am quite proud of myself!