Saturday, December 31, 2011

Musical journey (20)

If you believe in guardian angels, do you think of them as people with raw emotions just like all of us? Do you think of them as a tireless protectors who require no recognition? And if you want to acknowledge them, wouldn't it be great if you could see them flying above and looking down on you?

When a guardian angel falls in love with the mortal under his protection and then gets his heart broken, how would he express his suffering? If his sole task is to ensure the safety of his ward, should he be falling in love in the first place?

In this month's musical journey, I shall try to answer all of these questions and delve a little into the rock genre at the same time. This is sort of a virginal attempt at composing a rock song so be kind to it.


/ 词 / 曲 : 锦泉

悬崖边盘旋 狂笑混合眼泪
天空化成灰 狂风继续地吹
没有爱 伤痛已无所谓


天使飞累了 有何处能停歇
甩不掉颓废 它怎能不坠跌



[An Angel's Tears]

Circling the precipice
His violent laughter mixed with tears
Creating echos that strike the heart into bits
The sky turns to gray
The malevolent winds continue
Without love, the pain no longer matters

The guardian angel has shed his first tear
Causing a deluge as it falls to the mortal plains
Drowning every shred of memory
And wetting your flawless face

When a guardian angel is tired of flying
Where can he seek respite
Will his halo ever be extinguished
Unable to shrug off despair
How can he avoid falling when he has lost his love
The blood from his broken heart
Stains the white with a sea of red

The guardian angel is getting weak in energy and spirit
Even with wings, he is unable to fly into your heart
The question of who now resides in there shall not be asked
As long as he is able to stand by you every night as you slumber

I know this is kind of a sad post but here's a very Happy New Year to all my blog-readers! I am flying off to Melbourne on the 4th of January and starting my life in the new city. A new start means that I'd have to put all the unhappiness of 2011 behind (including the permanent deletion of The Nude Singer Facebook singer) and look at all things positive (my faithful blog-readers and fans). I will be moving on to bigger modelling projects in the coming year and I know I will shine even brighter so get your sunnies out and be prepared. May all of our wishes come true in 2012 (if the doomsday prediction doesn't come true, that is. Hehe)!


Anonymous said...

You are interfering with my work terribly today....
Great song even though full of dark thoughts. I can empathize.........
But out of darkness comes light and I am painting again. You hint at the flip side well Life is a balance of Ying Yang if you wish and I like the idea of a guardian angel.
Fantastic blog Kim

Kim said...

Thanks again for appreciating my music. I always tell people that I enjoy positive comments about my music more than those about my body. So keep tuning in (and keep letting my blog distract your work. Hehe).

I have also written a "flip-side" song previously about a lonely Santa Claus after taking off his costume and make-up. I like to explore the side of life that is not usually surfaced. It is definitely more fun to write too.