Sunday, January 29, 2012

Musical journey (21)

I have always felt that one of the most difficult (pop) musical tasks is to write a dance song that has the ability to infect masses of people with the dance virus. Although most of the songs of this genre on the airwaves these days seem like mindless drivel on the surface (think J-Lo’s “On the Floor”), I personally think that it actually takes considerable skill and market-knowledge to craft something good enough to pander to the valuable clubbing community (valuable because this community is willing to fork out wads of cash to attend expensive dance parties, even with the looming recession).

And seeing that I like to experiment with different genres when my composition-nerves twitch and my lyrics-writing hands become itchy, this month’s musical post shall contain a piece in the dance genre a.k.a. my brave new world. The lyrics of this song has been sitting in my archives without a tune for some years now and as soon as I found the backing track online to write with, I tweaked the words to fit the music and voila, a dance song was born.

One characteristic of commercially-successful dance songs is a good beat, a catchy hook and tune-repeatability. To this end, the words have to be kept to the simplest, both in vocabulary and meaning so as not to steal focus away from the sole purpose of the song—to make people want to dance their brains out. However this song has slightly more sophisticated lyrics (not that it is at the level of any commercially-successful song in the market). It is about two people with perfect chemistry who met for the first time on the dance floor and later parted only to reunite on the same floor. This time they both know that they cannot let the moment slip away again.

I know the tune is not that great but at least now I can finally tell myself that I have written a complete dance song.


/ 词 / 曲 : 锦泉





舞池角落, 无处闪躲
爱我不必说, 只要你亲我



[One Second]

When I came close to you for the first time
Trembles of happiness rippled through my heart
Then when I laid in your embrace for the first time
My heart literally leapt out of my chest

What feeling is this
Why can’t I understand it
It seems unreal yet genuine, yet dream-like
Strongly piercing my heart

When you rested your head on my shoulder for the first time
A powerful surge of warmth circled within my heart
And when I said goodbye for the first time
My heart wished that time could stop for me

What feeling is this
Why does it raise me up to the sky
It seems blurry yet definite and it pulsates wantonly
It is as capricious as the weather

In the corner of the dance floor
You have no place to hide
You don’t need to say you love me
As long as you come and kiss me

What feeling is this
It makes me lose all control
Our sweat glistens in the spotlight
Our overheated bodies need a cool-down urgently

What feeling is this
Our hearts beat at the same frequency
Continue to push your body into me
And close your eyes to immerse in this very second

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