Saturday, February 25, 2012


When I still had my Nude Singer Facebook page, I put out a poll question asking if people would prefer to see tattoos on me. As expected, I got mixed replies. With regards to the merit of this permanent form of (oft-ritualised) self-beautification that dates back to ancient times, the jury is still out. Some people think that I shouldn't taint flawless smooth skin with tattoos but some feel that it satiates almost a fetishistic part of their sexual fantasies.

Personally when it comes to permanent decisions that have little or no regret-room, I always proceed with utmost caution. This applies to major financial decisions, career moves and yes, whether or not to don an indelible coat of ink on my skin. And when I know I wouldn't be able to decide without taking an infinite amount of time, I resort to half-measures and temporary ones. They are not the real deal but I know I wouldn't be forced to co-exist with something I do not want.

With this in mind, I engaged a photographer who has an assistant who does body-painting. So in the studio we went after selecting the two designs I'd like to be photographed in. The first one was simple and all that was needed was to roll a bicycle tyre dipped in black paint all over me. Done and done. However the next one was far from easy. I had to withstand a four-hour long session of painstaking artwork with my skin as the canvas. But it was well worth the wait and all the effort because I think the result speaks for itself.

The first picture is my favourite but that is just me. The jury is still out on tattooing but why don't you be the judge on body-painting and tell me what you think?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey guys, in case you are not aware, the Gay Asian Men Project of ACON (AIDS Council of New South Wales) will be launching an all-Asian gay male photo-essay book in 10 days' time in an event titled "Unmask", which is part of the program line-up for this year's Sydney Mardi Gras. I am very proud to be part of this project which from its models, photographers and writers to its graphic designers and publicists are all gay Asians! This project has many objectives but I identify with one of them the most, that is to put a masculine and healthy image of gay Asian men out there for all to see. We are most certainly not all weak, pale and effeminate beings, and we come in all shapes and sizes.

This publication relies heavily on pictures to promote its message and I must say from the models I worked with on this project, you are most definitely in for a treat. And have I mentioned that it is a FREE publication? What more can you ask? Here is a sneak peek. Guess which of these three is me?

I am super excited about the launch event which will feature a fashion show, performances and lots more, all-gay, all-Asian and all-fabulous! I am however very disappointed that I wouldn't be able to partake in the excitment of all that because this new work position in Melbourne is crazy and is not allowing me to free up time to fly back for Mardi Gras. I would have loved to be marching in the parade with the A-men float! Yes, they have a magnificent float as well!!! Here is the list of events celebrating the diverse gay Asian community in this year's Mardi Gras. And here is another report by the Gay News Network.

This photo-essay book and its launch is the first-ever of its kind in Australia and is the brainchild of my dear friend Min, the Asian Gay Men’s Health Promotion Officer at ACON whom I really want to thank for his vision, energy and tireless commitment to the project. We need more people like him in the community for sure.

An official teaser has also been spreading on Facebook and is creating quite a bit of buzz for the publication and launch. With all this anticipation already brewing before the big night, I know this entire project will be a wild success. I simply cannot wait to lay my hands on a copy of the book! So here's to all involved in it and all gay Asian men in Australia—you have done a great job and it is now time to show the world what we are made of!

(PS: Two-thirds of the pictures in the teaser came from you-know-who!)

(PPS: Newsflash! A-Men has been featured on SX a week before the launch! The article has been attached below. *Groan* Why is my picture not selected?)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Musical journey (22)

Love is in the air. And it is the season when the cash-hungry retail industry spares nothing to woo your dollar, all in the name of love. Take this advertisement for example. It starts with telling you how cheap these two pieces of jewellery are (cheap-looking too) and then says "spoil her this Valentine's Day". What conflicting messages. Unless a cheapskate is trying to impress someone out looking for cheapskates, that commercial doesn't really make sense. Yes, it is the season again when lovers all over the world scratch their heads to think of an object that can disguise itself as love.

For me, I buck that trend with personalised self-made gifts even though not every recipient appreciates that like I do (I am talking about my past crushes and loves). I don't know if people in this age of apps and YouTube still do romance like the good old days writing poems and songs but I still do, and I know that I will never give that part of me up.

In this Valentine's Day edition of my musical journey, I express the same feelings I have in two languages with the same tune. I am quite proud of the fact that I can write songs in both English and Chinese but I am even more proud of the fact that this is the 5th Valentine's Day I am spending with my bibi. Somehow through music, even the mushiest words can come across as the sweetest things, or at least I hope that is how these two songs will be received.

And most importantly if you have love in your relationship, that warm hug and that tender kiss you give and get everyday as you leave for work and come home from the office is the pure distilled essence that no amount of flashy gifts or money can buy. I hope that all of you can feel that love today.

So without further ado, let me once again express this love with my music. I love you bibi. Happy Valentine's Day.


/ 词 / 曲 : 锦泉






[For You]

When my day is long
When all things go wrong
When I'm too weak to go on
You'll be there to care
With shoulders there to bear
My pain melts into air

With that gentle gaze
With that adoring face
And with that warm embrace
You'll never let me feel cold
Your hands are there for me to hold
You're the only one with the strength to touch my soul

Your love in my heart, I know
In your hug, let us grow old
Hold me close tonight, till darkness turns to light
Your arms make everything right

With what I can return
This gift of infinite worth
Baby you deserve, my all unreserved
I'm all for you, my love

Sometimes I make you mad
But you forgive and forget
And then you smile right back
I want to give more than thanks
I want to do more than that
'Cos your love makes me want to be a better man