Sunday, May 6, 2012

Did you say 5? Yes 5!

Today is a very special day for it marks the half-a-decade anniversary for Ision and I.

I am at the stage of the relationship where if you were to ask me about details around the first few months of us being together, I would have a hard time coming up with something concrete. For instance the other night we saw this Asian guy with a blonde mohawk and Ision remarked that when he first saw me in person, I was sporting almost the same hairstyle. Ahem, this hairstyle:

Anyway back to us. Things have become very comfortable between us (think old married couple comfort). Perhaps the only thing bad about that is we are so comfortable with where we are now that we don't see a need to try new things, know new people and visit new places. This explains why after living in Melbourne for more than four months, we have not ventured very much out of the confines of the city where we live. Maybe we are just lazy. I am not sure if you count this comfort zone an adverse thing but here we are. Five years from when it all started. Him and I on an adventure together.

Even though you might think that we are in some sort of a social rut, it is in fact quite fine. Being in a same room and not communicating but knowing what each other feels, getting home from work all tired but always getting the kiss that makes it all OK and speaking in a language that only the both of us out of this whole wide world understand. That is what I call exclusive and unique, a special bond that no one else except us needs to comprehend and can break.

Sometimes Ision wonders if I have settled for second best and my only response to him is "everyone has issues, what makes you think your issues are worse than those of the next person who comes along, he will just have a different bag of issues, a bag that I would have to sort through, rationalise and accept all over again." That is the practical side of me speaking as love to me is not a lofty concept but something that needs to be grounded in reality for it to work. For reality is where we all live in.

The weather is gettting chillier by the day and as the end of autumn approaches, I am sure we will do much more hugging and snuggling to keep warm (can this blog get any more mushy?) and don't get me started on how good it feels to give my guy a big squeeze. Just thinking of the hug now gives me that tingly feeling inside. That is what five years in a relationship can do to you. You should all try it!

It will be a quiet day for both of us unless he springs a surprise on me today. I am all for staying in but I do enjoy some fancy dining on special occasions once in a while. Hint hint!

So here's to another five years to make a full decade. Check back then to see how things go but I have a strong inkling that all that is written in this post can be re-blogged wholesale with just changes in numbers. And that is a good thing!

Happy 5th anniversary my love.


Chris said...

Aw, a very sweet post. I've been together with my husband for nearly 14 years now, and marriage is kind of like an old comfortable pair of shoes. You settle in to them and after a while they fit like gloves. Same with marriage. After a while you know all the foibles of the other and you just rub along. Blessings and many more years of happiness to you both.

Kim said...

Thanks Chris, and many blissful years to you both too.

I totally agree with what you've said. I hope to get married one day when it is legal over here. I think it is not too long now.