Saturday, August 18, 2012

Abandoned at the warehouse (1)

Let's state the obvious here. Sex sells. This is why a lot of photographers love shooting in grungy and gritty places as they add raw raunchiness to their work (a sexy model helps too of course). This is also the reason why I like working in these environments as the dirt and unpredictability contribute to the thrill of being naked in the open, something that turns me on big time.

That brings us to this particular shoot location—the Dunlop-Slazenger warehouse in Alexandria, Sydney. I remember that shoot pretty well because we were interrupted by a group of teenage skaterboarders who walked down the stairwell where I was stark naked with a complete hard-on. In return, I calmly smiled at them without covering myself. To my surprise, they were really cool about it and gave me the thumbs-up.

I really don't know why some people can loathe their naked bodies so much and worse still, dictate what the rest of us should and should not do. In defiance, I shall continue to be as naked as possible in my outdoor shoots. In doing so, I will let my body be my proclamation to the world that being nude is how we came into being and that we should never be ashamed of being in our own skin.

Without further ado, I shall leave you with the first part of this warehouse series. Tell me which one is your favourite and stay tuned for the second installment next week!


Chris said...

The last one is the hottest one. Thanks for posting!

Kim said...

Thanks Chris! I like that pic a lot too! Watch out for the next part of the series coming very soon!

Hafiz Hafeey said...

where the uncensored one?? may i take o look at it.. Thanks.

Kim said...

So you really want to look at my cock?