Sunday, August 12, 2012

Musical journey (26)

Ision and I have been together for five years now and as we move on to our sixth, I cannot help but think about our first year together when long-distance was the rule of the day. You would have noticed by now that I have written quite a few songs with this theme of physical separation in a loving relationship and how it can take its toll on one's mind, body and spirit.

That being said, I feel that all relationships should begin through this phase of separation simply because of the adage "absence makes the heart grow fonder". But even better than that, physical separation cuts away all the drama, mind games and bullshit because you just do not have the time for it. It also helps to curb bodily urges and prevents sex from preempting the much more important mutual emotional exploration. Love takes patience and much time to grow and develop and time is what long-distance relationships have lots and lots of.

It is like going through national service—I am glad that I did it but I sure as hell won't miss it, not when I am addicted to hugging and squeezing my bibi each and every day! So enjoy this song I have written of one of the paths to a success relationship—longing out of separation from one's love.


Baby, why can't I stop thinking of you
Baby, how can I miss you this much
Baby, oh maybe
I'm living in your heart and you're staying in mine

Baby, do you not know that I am crazy
Crazily in love with you my precious one, only one
Without whom I can't survive

I can't hold on much longer
I need you to fill this hunger
I know it's getting harder
So let's just close our eyes
And let our love pull us closer together

See I told you it will get better
'Cos with your undying love for me
My heart makes me sure
And every beat reminds me to be stronger

Think about us on this day next year
When only hugs and kisses are our messengers
When "I love you" can go straight from my lips to your ears

The road ahead might not be clear
But with our love, I've no fear
I'm coming home, wait for me
It's not long more till I'm standing right in front of you

In my dreams I can hold you near
And kiss the face in my heart that I hold so dear
The stars and moon up in the sky shine their blessings on us

Baby, with that ring on your finger
I've given my word that I will stay ever after
With that promise, time and distance no longer matter

Baby, you have all of my heart for now
And forever


Unknown said...

This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard, It got to me, made me cry, there are no words that can describe what I feel when I hear this song. It's just so...Gah! I'm crying again. Props to you, I love this song so much. ^_^

Kim said...

Wow, I didn't know my songs would have such an impact on people. To be honest, this is the strongest positive response I have had since I started writing songs 16 years ago.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Why do you think you were so moved by my song?

Unknown said...

It reminded me of a past relationship I had.

Kim said...

I guess that relationship still means a lot to you. Well, I always see my past relationships as good lessons for the future. With each passing relationship, you get to fine-tune what you really want and you need a few of these to get to the right one.

So have you found the right one already?

Unknown said...

Sadly not net, I'm still waiting. But I'm not losing hope ^_^.

Kim said...

Never give up! If that is what you want, you should fight till the bitter end! It's worth it!

Unknown said...


Kim said...

Don't mention it. I have been there so I can understand.