Sunday, November 11, 2012

Musical journey (29)

In my recent trip back to Singapore to attend my dear friend's wedding, I intended to go on stage to perform a piece that I have written for the occasion but hesitated because there is no tune to it, just words. I finished the lyrics a long time ago but just did not have the inspiration and energy (especially with all the woes at work I have been facing all these months) to put a tune to it that is up to my standards. But even though it is essentially a poem, the emotions I want to convey in it are still are as strong, as real and as valid. In this month's musical journey, I shall share with you the words to the song with the hope that someone would help me add a nice tune to it.

To my dear dear friend, thanks for an amazing (and non-traditional) wedding. A roller-coaster ride of a journey now lies ahead of you but don't worry as love will be by your side all the way. Love from all of us.


/ 词 : 锦泉

有了爱, 世界才会完美
用心爱, 明天不再漆黑
唯有爱, 让我们不断往前推
没有爱, 拥有一切也无所谓

因为爱, 你不再掉眼泪
所以爱, 缠绕在你周围
为了爱, 尝尽酸甜苦辣滋味
你的爱, 找到能栖息的双臂

你面前的路, 纵然崎岖但不再孤独
他会用一生, 换取你每分每秒的幸福
让爱的幼苗, 在你细心灌溉下长成树
今天的祝福, 来自我内心最真最深处

为了这一天, 我可是等了好久好久
今夜你的脸, 让我不再有任何要求
你所给的爱, 不单潇洒也毫无保留
但从今以后, 换他来爱你直到永久

为了这一天, 我可是等了好久好久
今夜的美莲, 让我不再有任何要求
你所给的爱, 不单潇洒也毫无保留
但从今以后, 换他来爱你直到永久


Only with love, the world can be perfect
Only through loving, we can chase darkness away from tomorrow
And love is the only thing that can keep us pushing ahead
Without love, it does not matter if you have everything else

Because of love, you no longer weep
And so love surrounds and protects you
For love, you have tasted both the sweet and the bitter
And now your love has finally found a shoulder to rest on

The road ahead of you though bumpy will no longer be lonely
He will use all of his might to fill every single second of your life with bliss
Let the young shoots of love grow into a tree under your care
My blessing for you today comes from the truest depths of my heart

I have waited so long for this day to arrive
With the look on your face tonight, I have nothing more to ask for
The love you have given has always been unreserved
But from now for a change, let him love you forever

PS: When I get the time, I will tidy up the pictures I took during my short vacation and post them here.

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