Monday, December 31, 2012

Musical journey (30)

A friend recently celebrated the official end of a four-year long-distance relationship when his girlfriend moved in with him. Looking back at my own that lasted for more than seven years, I know the joy and pain of a love separated by time and distance. Mostly pain. That was why I used to write a lot about how the laws of time and space play us all as fools and how love surrenders to geography despite its strength and power we all want to believe it holds. Fortunately towards the end of my phase of writing songs of this subject, another one of my long-distance romance had a happy ending.

However the musical journey I am guiding you through this month does not have a conclusion worth celebrating with the irony of it happening on New Year's Eve. This is the longest song I have written to date as it tells a complete love story from how it started to how it tragically ends. I find that the only way to fit the entire tale into a four-or-so minute piece is to include bits of rap in the song. And that was how it became one of my hip-hop (ish) creations, which is a musical-writing style that is growing on me. When I wrote the lyrics, I meant it to sound bitter but tone aside, it does contain a good piece of cautionary advice. Long-distance relationships will never work out if there is no concrete plan of either party relocating as human beings are wired for physical intimacy, not love based solely on a cerebral level.

I am quite satisfied with this composition and it brings me great pleasure every time I listen to it. That is why I know I need to start investing more time to write again. Hopefully with my upcoming temporary Brisbane job placement in the new year, I will have lots of time for my music since there will not be much to do in yawn-inducing Brisbane. But for now, have a listen to my newest offering. Just don't let the melancholy of it spoil your New Year celebrations.

Happy 2013!


/ 词 / 曲 : 锦泉







我眼看不见  你手握不到  



"是谁" 那把声音怎么也错认不了

长厢厮守  那一句诺言  你可撒得好
爱情怎可能比  一时之快值得少
从前我们每公里  距离如今像把刀
一万六千个伤痕  在心里放肆燃烧

眼泪  在眼角打算  今夜无理取闹
烟花  空中盛放  今夜对我嘲笑
若这全是错  愿能从今永远记牢
再强的爱也会在时空差距  前倾倒

眼泪  在眼角打算  今夜无理取闹
烟花  在空中盛放  今夜对我嘲笑


[New Year's Eve]

Details splashed out on the screen
A thorough read, a message sent and then the anticipation
Despite knowing the perils of a long-distance relationship
I simply could not resist those several megapixels of you

Then I heard your voice, greeting me for the first time
The Pacific Ocean seemed miniscule all of a sudden
With the phone pressed against my right ear, I knew
The one I have been looking for all my life has appeared in that very second

Singing a lullaby for you at daybreak so that you can have sweet dreams
Hoping to not feel your fatigue as you head home from work before I go to bed
The time difference splitting two worlds apart
My eyes could not see and my hands unable to feel
Though insignificant, I still wished when we next watch the sunset
You would be in my arms, breathing the same air

A red mark against New Year's Eve on my organiser
That was the end product of half a year of love
I meant it as a surprise and so I kept it from you
The greatest desire in my life–to kiss your lips

With my body trembling with joy I knocked on your door
A stranger's face was all I could see
"Who's there?", it was the voice that I got to know so well
And so unexpectedly there in front of me, you, half-naked

"We'll always be together", a promise you lied so well
How could love be less worthy than a moment of pleasure
Every kilometre we used to be apart stabbing me like knives
Sixteen thousand scars in my heart, burning wildly away

Tears have decided to wreak havoc in the corner of my eyes tonight
Along with the fireworks, mocking me from the sky
If this were all a mistake, let this be a lesson that I will never forget
Even the strongest love will crumble in the face of distance and time

The weather in Sydney, still so hot and dry
Fluttering snowflakes will fill the air in New York City tonight
Neon lights that made up the city hours ago slowly fading away
The 6 a.m. Qantas flight departed a little earlier today


peace said...


I chanced upon your blog when I googled for an image for Fort Road Beach. I am really thankful to you for posting a shot of it. Really missed that place. I do hope you do not mind me using the photo in some of my posts relating to FR beach. Pse advice if you are not ok with it. WIll gladly remove them.

But more than that, I scrolled through your blog and I must say, I enjoyed reading your blogs a lot.

Thanks for sharing your writings!


Kim said...

Thanks Jeffrey.

Please go ahead and use my pictures.

I am glad you enjoyed my blog. It gets updated often with my shoot pics, songs and my life happenings. So do drop by frequently or subscribe to it if you like.