Thursday, January 31, 2013

Musical journey (31)

The last song I posted dealt with the theme of long-distance relationships, something that I am very familiar with. Seeing that there is still a potential that I will be working in Brisbane for a short-term project, I might very well be in that predicament. I hope that flood waters will not be a problem then!

Anyway this month’s musical journey was written when Ision and I were still in that phase where the ocean posed as a physical barrier. I like to describe being in Ision’s embrace as being home because it is just so comfortable to hug him. Although home at that time was in Singapore, that ability to be totally comfortable and at ease when I am with him simply meant that I have found somewhere new to belong, a new home.

Perhaps the greatest thing about song-writing is that you can capture all your emotions at the time of writing and freeze them in a neat little package to be savoured over and over again like a fine wine that never runs out. In my opinion, it is the perfect way to store one’s memories, be it good or bad ones and it does it way much better than a photograph. Of course, to be able to do that, you would have to write well both lyrically and musically. Have a listen to "Home" and tell me whether or not I have done a good job.


In your eyes I see my future
In your soul my anchor
And my heart you've conquered
In your arms lies my world
And the strength for us to brave through stormy weather

When I fall you'll pick me up from the floor
And carry me on your shoulder
When I'm lost you'll take me back to your embrace
And I'll be home, take me home

I've been searching all my life
And now I've found my one and my all
To be with through gladness
For me to drown his sadness
Baby you're my happiness

I'm the moon, you're the sun
There's no way that I can shine
Without you by my side
When you kiss me, nothing else matters
'Cos I'll be home, take me home

I've been searching all my life
And now I've found my one and my all
Why do you love me so
I really want to know
But there's one more doubt that needs to go

Can you tell me where do you hide your wings and keep your halo

I've been searching all my life
And now I've found my one and my all
I want the world to know
How much I love you so
Baby you're where I call
My home

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time for Facebook updates

This is the golden age of social networking and like what I mentioned in this post, Facebook status updates are an excellent way of offering insights to a person's psyche as well as the going-ons in one's life. But first a brief report of my recent happenings.

Work woes regarding my performance disputes with my ex-boss has faded away mainly because of my continuous excellent work ethic now fully-recognised by my new boss. However more work troubles came in the form of future security (especially around my ever-changing start date of that cursed temporary placement in the Brisbane office), job applications (endless submissions of my CV) and interviews (or lack thereof). I recently lost the opportunity to work in one of my dream companies (Shell) and as depressing as it is, once you view failure as a form of certainty, you can then move on to greater things.

Mum also came and left (her first trip to Melbourne), causing my 1-kg weight gain with her ultra-yummy food over the three weeks of her stay. I have lots of pictures to prove how delicious her cooking is (too many to blog I think) and how it is the perfect remedy for home-sickness. I just hope that the withdrawal symptoms (food-wise and Mum-wise) I am currently experiencing will subside soon. For me, the happiest thing that happened during her visit is to see her still healthy and strong after her various medical procedures. It always saddens me to think that it takes a plane ride and eight hours to be able to see her.... why can't the people you love be always by your side?

I also recently joined a nudist group in Melbourne (finally!) and come next weekend, I will be heading to this nudist getaway (NudeManFest) as part of this year's Midsumma Festival and I am SO looking forward to making more naturist friends in Melbourne. I have also expanded my Asian circle, all thanks to my Malaysian work colleagues, one of who seem to know everyone else Malaysian in Melbourne. On the social front, I think I am at quite a comfortable place now a.k.a. the sweet spot ie. not too busy that you miss out on alone time and not too boring that you become a city hermit.

New challenges and experiences also mean that it is easy to neglect other things that are equally important to you. For me that is song-writing and photo shoots. I have only done two proper shoots in Melbourne for the entire 2012, can you believe it? Not many new musical compositions too. Maybe this means that I am gradually getting over these hobbies, which could very well be the inevitable natural evolution of things. I should also really concentrate on getting my repertoire firmed up for my virginal busking session in the city (my guitarist friend and I have started on something but the holiday season has put a halt to its further development).

In this fresh new year, the uncertainties of the last quarter of 2012 will continue to plague me and might even see Ision and I relocating to Brisbane (because of work in my industry drying up in Victoria). When one door closes, another one will open. Though cliche, it is true and if viewed with the right attitude, it can give you ceaseless renewing strength in the face of this ever-changing world.

Well that is the end of my report. Here are my Facebook status highlights for the past month.

"Port Campbell weekend road trip starts 2.30pm today. It's been ages since my last!!!"

"Busy preparing for my interview at Shell tomorrow. I can't wait for this thing to be over. Wish me luck!"

"My holidays can finally start after this stressful interview! Last day at work tomorrow and Mum arrives 4 days later. I will be in the Brisbane office when I receive the yay-or-nay call from Shell in the 2nd week of January. The ball is in their court now. Phew!"

"Someone at Shell thought I was interviewing for a job fresh out of uni! Do I really look that young?"

"Holidays are sometimes supposed to be a time to rest and relax and to do nothing, not a mad rush to see and do things. That is what I will be doing exactly from now for 2 whole weeks. Yay for me!"

 "Looks like my start date in Brisbane has been delayed for a week. I think that's good as this means that my mum can stay in Melbourne (a much more interesting city) for one more week."

 "Ho ho ho. It always feels nice when you find your pictures uploaded by others on "Hotbods" (Trevvy) and the like."

 " 'Sex nymph who is as smooth and hard as marble'. Those are pretty great compliments!"

"Why are so many people obsessed with their ancestry? Family tree fanatics and fans, why do you want the unchangeable past to affect how you think and what you do today and in the future?"

"Morning gym in 10 minutes. Then spring cleaning today in preparation of mummy's arrival tomorrow. Followed by Christmas Eve potluck at friend's tonight. Sinking my teeth into a turducken for the first time! Merry Christmas everyone!"

"A Mum-cooked dinner in more than a year's time. Blissful bliss...."
"Christmas present (Xbox Kinect) bought by myself for myself, post-Christmas. Finally I am a complete gamer!"

"Gotta test out my new Fable Kinect game later today. So excited!"

"Yummy iced coffee with cacao made with love by my boo, after a morning of shopping with mummy. 
"My only Christmas present in 2012 arrived in the mail today, from mother-in-law."

"After first day of Fable Kinect, the verdict: casting bolt with your right hand so frequently can really make it a little sore." 

"Why does Grindr still continue to monopolize the market when it is so bloody buggy???!"

"Will my blog amass 40,000 hits before the end of 2012? I am at 39,471 now."
"The most beautiful sight on earth. Someone you love beyond words preparing a meal for you. Love is filling my one room apartment up right now."

"Jay Chou's albums are getting more and more disappointing..."

"Is Love Actually Sucks 愛很爛 the first non-porn Asian movie with full-on uncensored sex (gay and straight), erections, oral, penetrations, and all?"

"OK, I saw the promotional video of "The Life of Pi" and I am sold. Going to watch it with my mum."

"The cutest president award goes to.... Mexico! Can you show me a cuter one? (current presidents only)"

"I have never seen Flinders Street station so packed before. It was weird walking down the closed-to-traffic Swanston Street after the fireworks. Felt like Oxford Street post-Mardi Gras x 40%."
"Luckily my mum likes shopping, otherwise I would have run out of city sights to show her."

"Scorching 41ºC day in Melbourne. It's such a shame there are no nudist groups organising activities here -- the weather is PERFECT for some nudist fun today. I tried looking for these groups but could not find any. Rod Sydney, where in Melbourne are people the likes of you?"

"Shit! Gaining weight from Mum's yummy cooking. Need to be more disciplined before I lose my abs!"

"Have been feeling quite unsettled these few weeks and is somewhat affecting my mood. That's mainly because without knowing my Shell interview outcome (I am supposed to know next week), my next 2 - 3 months might or might not be based in Brisbane (which will involve troublesome logistics). Also partly because of mum being here (ie. normal schedule totally out the window). Can't help but feel this way when things are again in flux."
"With the government of Singapore against one gay man, anyone in the right frame of mind would concede defeat regardless of the truth. I'd be really surprised if a well-respected blogger like Alex who never fails to thoroughly research his subjects would actually falter in this instance." "I want to eat less rice so as not to lose any more of my leanness. Then mum cooks chicken rice. ARRGGGGHH!"

"I don't understand the huge fuss over this issue (Lance Armstrong’s doping case). Steroid-use in professional bodybuilding is such an open secret. Why can't it be the same for cycling? I suspect in this case it's because a lot of athletes out there with sour grapes who got caught want him to go down as well, which explains all the dobbing and coverage."
"I am supposed to start work in Brisbane next Monday and I have still not received any details regarding accommodation, flights, terms and conditions. And the project secretary in Brisbane is still on holidays and will be back next Monday. Brisbane office = epic fail."

"My blog has just garnered more than 40,000 hits!"

"No work for me to do tomorrow at the office. Another sick day is in sight ready to be chucked in."

"This is fucked up to the nth degree. My Brisbane job is delayed yet again and I was only informed of this today when I am supposed to start on Monday next week. From now on, as long as an air ticket doesn't land in my inbox, the fat lady hasn't started singing yet, and I am not going to get mentally-prepared for the move. UUURRGGHH!"
"Now that I will still be in Melbourne for a couple more weeks at least, I will be going to this (NudeManFest). Wanna join me?"

"Maybe Aussies are not racists. It's just McDonalds' marketing team knowing what sells (and it is not Asians). For me, that's my experience with DNA magazine all over again when they said they know what sells and Asian models don't. What do you reckon?"

"Lately I have been quite addicted to this ultra-popular Taiwanese variety show called 康熙來了. I stayed up till 3.30am watching it last night!"

"Mum's last night with me... she's making bo bo cha cha for our horror movie night at home, just like the good old days. I will miss this... and her."

"Midsumma opens tomorrow. I still remember a year ago when I was at the opening for the first time, fresh-faced, ready to take on Melbourne. Now I am an oldie considering moving away from Melbourne. What happened?" 

"The apartment feels empty without mum..."