Sunday, March 17, 2013

Musical journey (33)

As if being trapped in an apartment with no Internet is not dire a situation enough, I had to lose my smartphone by leaving it in a cab. You will think that cab drivers in Australia are more honest and will return lost properties right? You are so wrong. I had no such luck given that the driver was Asian (South Asian to be more exact). Since I already have the next phone I want to buy in mind, I have gotten myself a cheap-arse replacement model to tide me till I get the new one (it will be released first in UK next month). Fortunately I could retain my old number but alas I have lost all my contacts. I must remember to back them up in the future. The important photos and media in the phone have been backed up but I have still lost some that I have not. Better luck next time!

Anyway I knew I would be living like a hermit in Brisbane so I prepared my musical post in advance during my last trip back to Melbourne so I can share it more easily. Now that I am at my friend's place (with Internet!), I can finally post this.

This month's musical journey deals with bad relationships with amazing sex. Though a simple concept, it is not one that many people would experience, including myself. Sometimes writing is also about letting your imagination run wild and conjuring up scenarios and fantasies that are far away. In this song, your lover has cheated on you and you know that as you can see all the signs be it a change in his behaviour or his incessant excuses and lies. However you still stay with him for just one more night of passion. And this becomes a vicious cycle as you ask for that night of wild love-making over and over again whilst being stuck in a doomed relationship that is going nowhere.

I will be back in Melbourne for Easter and that is the time when I will make my next post. In the meantime, enjoy this month's musical offering. I remember when I had the chance to let the famous Singapore-based song-writer twins (李伟菘/李偲菘) listen to this song, they both felt that it was great and had really good selling potential. One of them even knew who the song could be sold to. It is just too bad shortly after that meeting, I relocated to Australia and that plan to sell this song got lost and forgotten. Maybe it is time to set that plan back in motion once again...


词 / 曲 : 锦泉

吻我的脸, 在烟花还未枯萎前
别再拖延, 用寂寞来拉长时间
要分裂, 就快一点

他来之前, 你已经开始在蜕变
就别再辩, 责任你也该负一点



不再新鲜, 你那一张傻笑的脸
你的谎言, 留下来再把他欺骗
给我时间, 在某年某月某一天
回头一瞥, 我会笑我那么可怜

[One More Night of Passion]

Kiss my face before the fireworks vanish
Take me on a journey along the trajectory of heartbreak
Don't delay the inevitable by extending time with loneliness
If you want to split up, you better hurry up

I can see your metamorphosis even before he came
Just like a butterfly crawling back into the cocoon it once abandoned
Please don't argue and shoulder at least a little responsibility
I never realised on the surface of love, things could be so superficial

With excuses so direct, I cannot help but apologise on your behalf
With promises so patronising, all I get in the end are nightmares
The road to love has no end
As you start from the beginning when you are at the finishing line
There is no future in loving you
But I still need one more night of passion with you

Your smiling face is no longer appealing
And you can leave all your lies for him
Give me some time for I am sure at some point in the unknown future
I will look back and laugh at how pitiful I once was

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