Sunday, April 28, 2013

Musical journey (34)

Ever since I began working in Australia, I started missing something that I used to dread when I was employed back home—attending corporate team-building events. I used to find them a waste of time and thought that it would be better if we were given a day off instead. It is strange that not many Australian companies do this kind of thing (at least not as commonly as Singaporean ones). Maybe a social night of drinking is what Aussies regard as team-building. I must say I find Australian companies more stingy when it comes to employee benefits (maybe these team-building events are too cost-prohibitive). But then again I have only worked for one so what do I know?

I remember writing a song for my company's team-building event after management found out that I had that talent. It was quite easy writing such songs because the words are very simple and corporate-like (ie. sterile and fake) which do not need to be based on any real story or emotions. However this month's musical journey does not feature my own composition but a song I recorded with a bunch of singers for another corporate event. It was an interesting collaboration and I always enjoy sessions in a recording studio. On top of that I got paid just for lending my voice to this HSR project (HSR being the name of the company). I only wish I had more fun opportunities like that.

So have a listen and tell me how sterile and fake it is!

PS: I have 3 weeks more of my final work rotation in Brisbane and then I will be back in Melbourne (at least there is work planned for me for 3 - 4 months), the place where the political rat race is sure to take its toll on me once again. Sigh, the things we all must do to pay the bills...

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