Sunday, April 14, 2013

The smiling series

I have received many "complaints" that I don't smile enough in my photos and I have always explained that a lot of photographers are looking for that brooding intense and sexy look thereby making smiling out of the question. But truth be told, some photographers I have worked with actually wanted full smiles. I must admit I find it hard to smile in shoots as I find them artificial and made up and when I don't smile, I look either too serious or grumpy. I must really learn to either be sexy and not stern or smiling and not fake. Indeed, I have lots more to learn as a model.

In this post, I shall share a short series of (rare) smiling pictures taken by my friend Rod Spark in the idyllic setting of the River Island Nature Retreat. This was an impromptu shoot during a weekend event at a nudist retreat but it actually turned out quite well. Fortunately someone had a pair of swimming trunks (albeit at a nudist event) that fit me so I could be in these shareable G-rated pics. Of course there is a whole other fully-nude part to this series, which in my opinion because they showcase my oneness with nature, is much more beautiful.

Not too shabby for a completely impromptu session eh? Kudos to Rod! I will have my second Brisbane photo shoot in a couple of days. It will be an outdoor one at night and I am SO looking forward to it!


Joey Tarzia said...

Wow! I see two pics I absolutely love!!!

Kim said...

I know one (*wink) but what's the other?

Joey Tarzia said...

The second pic. OMG those legs! :-)

Kim said...

Ah... I remember now. The second thing you like. Yeah, pretty chunky legs they are.