Friday, May 31, 2013

Musical journey (35)

About a fortnight ago, I posted on Facebook telling my friends that I have written one of my most sexually-explicit song ever. And in this month's musical journey, you will get to experience it. 

As you know I was in Brisbane for three months and the nights during the week did get very boring. To pass the time, I decided to embark on the journey of writing this song. It started pretty well in the non-sexual phase of the plot but it soon dawned on me that it was not going to be easy writing the rest. Firstly it is an up-tempo song with lots of words in a short span of time so there needs to be a lot of content. Secondly and perhaps the most difficult thing was to write about a raw sexual encounter using the Chinese language, one that is lyrical and poetic. You see, English is a much more direct and I daresay a more crude language especially when it comes to pop lyrics. If I were to write in English, I could use rather unpolished words and still make the song sound quite OK. But you cannot do that in Chinese, or at least easily.

So with the tall task of writing a subtle yet extremely explicit song about public sex, or more specifically a gay threesome in a dark alley, I soldiered on. As there are a lot of words in this song, I had to break the writing process up and only finish it when I got back to Melbourne. The words also tell a complete story (like a lot of my other works), one that is all too common in the gay clubbing and cruising scene (and based on one of my fantasies—swap "dark alley" with "bush behind a nude beach" and it becomes a true personal story, hehe). The often tongue-twisting words also made the song quite a challenge to record and many takes had to be done.

And then it came to the clip that I should use for the song. That itself was a mental tussle. Should I use sexually-explicit footage that befits the song but risk turning off most of my straighter audience or a more neutral one capable of reaching out to most people but compromise what I really want to do? I ended up walking down the latter path and chose a montage of gay dance parties.

As you can see, every composition I post takes me through a journey (and hence the title of these posts). From conceptualising the bit of inspiration that strikes you and turning it into something full and substantial with words and tune to recording it to achieve the ideal that you want and producing a musical clip that must not only further the genre but also allow people to identify with, it is indeed a journey. And with every piece, I also hope that my audience can go through their own journey and allow themselves to be led somewhere both thought-provoking and fun.


词 / 曲 : 锦泉

离三毫米  不能呼吸
请你  别再抗拒  地心引力
哦  赶快跌进  我的怀里
放心  我会保护你  顽皮的小秘密

在小巷里  黑漆漆
就地  解决就行  不成问题
快  缩短距离  让我进去
好让我  带领你  到最高界境

这一秒里  保证让你
不会忘记  这样的亲密
你口中的我  手中的你
就快不行  扭动你滚烫的身体

谁在那里  偷偷注意
喘气  目不转睛  寸步不移
我  看着你  看我那里
拼命  抚摸着自己  我要你过瘾

再靠近  两个身影
逼近  高潮迭起  这三角戏
卡  演出暂停  透一口气
我不想  那么快  到一个结局

这一秒里  要感觉你
紧贴着你  汗湿的背心
你手中的我  口中的你
寂静夜里  听你我狂叫的声音

赤裸的兽性  吞食我的心  不要停
不需要言语  用你的肢体  下命令

脱掉上衣  自 high 到底
瞧你  站在那里  so lonely
来  就在这里  我要你
跪地  别再犹豫  I know you want me

双眼紧闭  快感交集
身体  位置交替  这才有趣
Why  要去压抑  自然反应
放任你  血液里  原始的野性

这一秒里  什么都别理
你们的使命  是让我高兴
我手中的他  口中的你
要在一起  耗一整夜  不要休息

你要我继续  抛开所有顾虑  豁出去
不准你抽离  沸腾这情绪  再用力

让我进去  哦  再用力
我  不准你抽离


Three millimeters apart and I can't breathe
Please don't keep resisting gravity
And fall straight into my arms
Don't worry, your naughty little secret will be safe with me

Let's just do it in this dark alley, no worries at all
Quick, come closer and let me in
So I can take you to the highest realm

In this second I guarantee that
You will never forget this intimacy
With me in your mouth and you in my hand
I can't take it much longer, the way you gyrate that hot body

Who's there, watching secretly
Panting, gaze affixed and still
I see that you are looking at me down there while fondling yourself
I want you to feel good

Even closer, two bodies
Edging towards the climax of this play of three characters
"Cut"! Let's take a breather
I don't want this show to reach its ending so soon

In this second I want to feel you
And press against you and your singlet wet with perspiration
With me in your hand and you in my mouth
Listening to our screams in this silent night

Animal instinct in its naked glory gnawing at my heart
Don't stop
No words are needed when you use your body to command

You take your top off as you let yourself get high
Look at you, standing there, so lonely
Come, I want you right here
Don't hesitate, just get on your knees 'cos I know you want me

Eyes shut tightly and flooded with ecstasy
Bodies changing positions, that's what makes it fun
Why do we need to suppress our natural reflexes
Just let this primeval wildness flow freely in your blood

In this second cast all your thoughts aside
Your sole mission is to make me happy
With him in my hand and you in his mouth
Let us not stop and do this all night

You want me to carry on and release myself wantonly
I won't let you withdraw as I want to get higher
So push harder

Let me in
Push harder
I won't let you withdraw

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