Saturday, July 6, 2013

Out in Thailand

Whenever I am travelling in Thailand, I always find a particular magazine extremely useful as it has city maps with the locations of all the gay venues nicely marked up. Little do I know that one day I will be on it, and on the cover no less.

It all started when the magazine's editor discovered my pictures (that was a while ago and so I have forgotten how exactly did that happen). We then talked over the phone and he told me he was interested to put me on the cover. I got very excited but nothing happened for many months and I slowly gave up anticipating for it. Then one day in May, he suddenly sent me the interview questions and asked for a sample of my pictures that I would like to be considered for the cover and story. I answered the questions in as detailed and witty a manner and emailed him all of my pictures making sure that each photographer's name went along with the correct shot so they can be properly credited.

This is a small magazine (extremely handy to gay tourists nonetheless) without a huge budget so I do not expect to get paid for this (which should not be the case for major publications). To me, the chance to be the cover model of a magazine is enough reward for me. This cover preserves my beauty in its peak form and is something that lasts forever (or at least over my lifetime).

Two days ago the magazine finally went online and I quickly downloaded it into my phone (get your copy here and view the online article here). I did not read it straightaway as I wanted to relish it slowly. Although a huge part of the my interview answers were not used (the large font used in the article had a lot to do with it), the positive tone of the piece was really good—good enough to ignore the fact that a picture was wrongly credited. My sincere apologies to the photographer who took that stunning Bangkok picture in front of Siam Paragon. By the way the ad that took up half of the last page is pretty irksome as well. Also, I hope I get the hard copy I just requested from the editor, otherwise I would have to ask my biggest fan from Fridae living in Bangkok to send it to me.

The reason for keeping the name of the magazine a secret for quite some time was so that when it is finally revealed, the feeling will be all fresh and new. The picture they selected for the cover was from my most recent shoot—the one in which the photographer wanted to capture the essence of Brisbane (not an easy task seeing how bland the city is). Although I wish that another picture from the series were featured (the one on page 13), the one that was chosen in the end was still gorgeously-done. I will post the rest of the series soon (I am still waiting for the photographer to send over some more pictures from that shoot) but in the mean time enjoy these pages extracted from the magazine and give me your frankest opinion on this first in my life!


Daniel Tay said...

Nice! When you get married, remember to send me an invite onto the cruise ship! ;D

Kim said...

Most certainly! But air tickets not included! Hehe