Saturday, August 31, 2013

Musical journey (38)

As you may already know, I am searching for an instrumentalist to busk with and I think I might have found the ideal one. We have not had the chance to jam yet but I have a really good feeling about him. The first thing that sets him apart from the others is that he is gay which means that we will be able to get onto the right frequency very quickly, both personally and musically. A worthy point to note is that we did not get in contact via the ads I have placed on Gumtree or Craigslist asking for musicians to busk with but via a gay social/dating app by coincidence. Hence I cannot help but feel that we are truly destined to find each other in both our musical journeys. Alas he lives quite a fair bit of distance from the city which will make practice sessions quite painful for me.

The other thing that makes me feel good about him is that he already has the busking application forms ready and is familiar with the whole application procedure. This means that he is genuinely serious about wanting to busk which is really the key. There is a big difference between someone who is passionate about music and someone who is passionate about music AND performing, and I am searching for the latter. So wish me luck as I continue my quest of holding my first busking session in Melbourne. As work is getting really busy these days (which has caused me to postpone jamming sessions with another musician, the one I wrote about in my previous post), I hope I will have enough motivation and perseverance to see this through and not let it slip into the pile of forgotten dreams, like some of my other endeavours.

Now that you have been updated with the latest happenings in my musical life, it is time for me to show off a little of my singing prowess. People who have been to karaoke sessions with me know that I have never invited people to partner with me in duets as I always make it a point to sing both parts, regardless of gender. I must admit my ability to traverse between the musical ranges of both sexes does impress people quite easily even though having been equipped with that skill for so long, I do not think very highly of it. In this month's karaoke-clip musical journey, you will hear my rendition of a duet by two very powerful female singers (and gay icons) Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion. It is one of my favourite songs called "Tell Him". Do tell me what you think after listening to my very (but hopefully not overly) emotional take on it.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shot in Brisbane (part 2)

Now that winter is taking its last breaths when it is more bearable being naked in the open, I hope I can do a shoot in the iconic Melbourne laneways, which is something I wanted to do ever since I stepped foot in this city. Even though I know it is tricky, a night shoot would be great as it will really capture the grungy essence. I will be sending casting calls on Model Mayhem soon asking for willing photographers to help me in that endeavour. By the way this is the site so many of you have asked me about regarding where I usually find my shoot opportunities. It is a great site for hobbyists like me to get the chance to work with great photographers. I originally wanted to join a model agency when I first came to Melbourne but quickly gave that idea up when I realised I lack the perseverance (and the goods) to become a semi-professional model. Thankfully sites like Model Mayhem and Modelrific exist to keep my modelling needs satiated and I don't have to go through the stress and anxiety of constant rejection in the real and cruel world of modelling.

Also, I have been seriously considering resuscitating The Nude Singer by recreating the Facebook page and adding back those people who 'liked' the site now that it has been close to two years since it died. It is no doubt going to involve some work maintaining that online image and popularity but to be shamelessly honest, I miss the never-ending adulation and attention I got from being The Nude Singer (which lived for only three months). That is certainly the best confidence-boost out there that is free of charge and so easily attainable. I will continue sleeping on that idea and see if the desire to rekindle the site grows. The idea of starting an Instagram account has also surfaced of late... All in good time I guess. While you indulge my indecision, hot on the heels of the first part of my latest series shot in the Brisbane CBD, I shall share with you the rest of the shoot (the first picture below has been featured in July's Out in Thailand magazine). Tuck in!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shot in Brisbane (part 1)

As promised in my post last month when I was featured in Out in Thailand with my first-ever cover story, here is part one of my latest series shot in Brisbane that landed me the magazine's cover. The (professional) photographer was a straight (most importantly cute!) Iranian guy who specialises in weddings. He wanted to do something different and something that shouted Brisbane (a tall task in a boring city). I got quite distracted by his good looks when he first arrived without knowing his sexuality. As the night progressed and as I warmed up to him (the initial phase of a shoot where both parties try to find mutual chemistry is the hardest), I started to really enjoy myself because of how easy-going he was.

We began at a location that both displayed the Story Bridge prominently and was nice and quiet (as it was unknown to a lot of people—not that I would baulk an audience, hehe). We tried shots by the sea, under a platform, in the water, on a tree, by a little rowing boat and on a pedestal (that last one got to become the magazine cover). Then we moved on to another location that would again have the Story Bridge as the main character in the (erm...) story. We deliberately started just before dusk so we could capture both light and dark. When it became darker, we went to other more interesting spots including a dark alley, a church and the middle of a busy road. It was really fun posing right in traffic as cars from both sides kept honking (both out of annoyance and encouragement) whilst I had to stay still to achieve the desired long-exposure effect (one day I will realise my dream of doing it in the nude but for now this will do). Another notable experience was posing stark naked in front of a church (too bad it was locked...). Although I was a little disappointed the photographer did not send me any of the church full-frontals, I was still glad to receive some really nice shots.

In this series, I tried my hands at editing on a more serious level and came up with so many permutations that it was difficult to select which ones to post. I am still sharpening my editing skills as we speak and though an extremely laborious process, I am willing to continue polishing my techniques. Interspersed within the series are some of the photographer's edits and as he does mostly weddings, his editing is of a "grander" style whereas I prefer a more grungy feel—try to see if you can differentiate between us two. He told me that he had plans to put my picture in his shopfront which is something that I doubt but wouldn't it be super cool to accidentally bump into your blown-up shot as you cross the road? I wonder when my next Brisbane trip is...

So without further ado, I present part one of my latest series "Shot in Brisbane" and I will come back to satiate your appetites next week with part two. Enjoy the first course!

Oh, one more thing. I just found out yesterday that three of my full-frontals (hard) pictures from the other Brisbane shoot that I did have just been published in an online magazine that features only uber-hot naked guys and nothing else. By the way, I am one of two Asian models featured in the 200+ ad-free/clothing-free summer issue—super proud of myself and the photographer! The free censored version can be viewed online but you would have to give your credit card a mini workout if you want to see everything (nah, it is not that expensive). In my opinion, it is well worth it but who am I to sing my own praises?