Saturday, September 14, 2013

Water is life

I have always thought that water and all its fluidity when captured in the right light using the right subject can really bring out the art in photography. Alas throughout my modelling career, I have done very little of this genre. I have had shoots by the sea and in the shower/bathtub but that is about it—there is nothing really big that stands out. That being said, I see this as a positive challenge, one that I require myself to be put in as many different artistic media as possible. Put in a rather cliche way, I sometimes see myself as a blank piece of canvas and a empty score sheet, waiting for the perfect touch and inspiration to fill in the details to transform something from unassuming to breathtaking. This is one of the reasons why I continue writing songs, performing and doing photo shoots.

Over the years, I have collected quite a few water-related pictures that I really wish one day I can do (ie. not only do but to do it as outstandingly as what you see in those pictures). In this post, I shall share with you a selection of these awesome shots in the hope that they would pique the interest of some good photographers willing to grant me my wish. Like I have said in an earlier post, nice spring weather is kicking in and it is high time I start getting another shoot together (I need to lose just a teeny bit of winter fat first). So the next thing to do is to get off my bum, hit the gym and then send out some casting calls!

L: I have used this pose of the shielding-hand, it is quite good
R: One of my dream shots (full-frontal is not the key)

L: The blueness is what I like (all comes down to editing)
R: I have done clear water but not milk (much sexier, don't you think?)

T: I almost had a chance to do this during the A-men shoot
B: Can I pull this off without being this cut?

L: A very DNA-esque shot (good translucent underwear is important)
R: Perfect lighting is the hardest thing to achieve here

L: This shot isn't too hard but it would require many takes
R: I need to do an entire series just like this

T: As an avid gym-goer, I'm surprised I've not done a gym-shoot before
B: Another dream shot of mine

L: I like how clever the placement of the falling water is
R: Couple-shoots in the shower and bedroom are always going to be fun

L: The water drapes over the subject like satin—just perfect
R: Dream shoot location alert! Natural waterfall!

L: First you need a private pool, then very good timing
R: I can totally imagine how free I'd feel if I were in that shot right now

So now after knowing what my photo shoot-equivalent of a porn fantasy is, which ones do you think I should aim to do next?


Anonymous said...

Super selection of shots....I agree water is a magic element. Maybe next incorporate food...hehe

Kim said...

Great idea!

Actually food is also one of the things I want to shoot with. I have shot with water before but I have never shot with food. So food should by right be on a higher priority.

However I love outdoor nude shoots too much and shooting with food is more a studio thing. So water will still be a higher priority, provided it is with a good photographer and done at a magnificent location.