Thursday, October 31, 2013

Musical journey (40)

I will be 35 in 30 minutes' time and I must say I have not changed much over the past several years except becoming really settled in my relationship. In comparison I don't think I am as settled residing in Australia. Perhaps this is because of my work, which constantly challenges where I regard as home. My boss just told me that there is a very high chance of retrenchment in January next year as the projects in Melbourne is drying up really fast. Whenever this happens (which is once too many), I would have to rethink the possibility of relocating to another place where there is work. This is really not a good situation to be in (I have put my intention to buy property on hold because of this). But we all have to try our best to make do with what life gives us and I will continue to plod along like every one else.

The other thing about being half-way between 30 and 40 (40 being the next turning point in my life) is that you become not as energetic as before. After a heavy night of partying, I would need a much longer time to recuperate. I guess this is why people tend to remove themselves from party circuits as age progresses—it is simply out of biological necessity. However I must still stress (time and again) that I would never for a second contemplate exchanging my old body for a younger one because with age comes maturity and learnt life lessons. I would pick being a wise old man over a tight clueless thing any time.

On the eve of my birthday, I shall make a short musical post with a rendition of one of my favourite KTV-songs. The thing that impresses people (including myself) most about my voice is my falsetto and I like songs that can accentuate that quality. An example would be this one from Jay Chou, one of my most-admired song-writers at the moment. I have been inspired by different singer/song-writers in different phases of my life, starting with Panda Xiong, who really helped to kick-start the whole creative journey. I hope to be inspired by more people as I grow older for I intend to keep up with my writing till the day I die.

PS: Starting tomorrow, I will be off on a 5-day road-trip with my best pal visiting from Singapore on her honeymoon with her husband. This is our first travelling-in-a-caravan experience and I am sure it will be a blast. That is what I call an awesome birthday present!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jockstrap and gumboots anyone?

I have been really busy with work recently as I am in a project with an impossible scope and an impossible schedule. Fortunately I still get paid for all the overtime that I have been doing so at least it is not wasted hard work. This project will be handed over to the Lagos office in Nigeria at the end of the year, an office that is currently under-resourced and they are trying their best to encourage people to work there despite it being really unsafe. Every single attempt by management to sell Nigeria fails miserably, as they cannot even convince themselves of what they are saying. I am also working with Korean clients at the moment (sorry, none of them are cute) and I overheard one of them saying two of his engineer colleagues recently got kidnapped in Nigeria but the ransom was paid and it was business as usual the next day! How can anyone go there unless they desperately need the work experience (more than their lives)? They are not even paying that much more to draw people!

I am SO looking forward to my long break starting December for 6 weeks (that is when I will say bye-bye to that crazy project so there is definitely an end in sight, I think—the project deadline has been delayed a few times now so fingers crossed!). I have not really planned my year-end trip (like I usually would, down to the smallest detail) but I do have a rough idea. It will begin in Singapore and then a short tour of a nearby country with a friend (exact person still yet to be found) or by myself. Then it will be back to Singapore to show another Brisbane friend around for a few days followed by a 12-day virginal Japan trip (itinerary roughly fixed but nothing has been booked yet). Every thing is pretty much still in flux at this point, which is making me a little anxious. But like I said, work is keeping me pretty occupied now plus there might be an impending property-purchase (I will see how that pans out). Because of all this, my photo shoot and busking plans might have to be shelved for the moment, perhaps till next year when I am back from my vacation. This is exactly why a hobby remains just a hobby until you decide to pursue it full-time and it is only then can you really make something out of it.

So that is the update portion of this post done. As you might have already noticed, I always have a monthly musical post and a bi-monthly photo shoot entry on my blog. This month will be no different and I will be sharing pictures from a shoot I have done a few years back in Carriage Works, Sydney. Yes it is Carriage Works again—it is just too good a location not to use repeatedly! This series was originally meant to be published in a fund-raising calendar but plans later went awry. I gather that the calendar is never going to come into fruition at this point in time so why waste the pictures when I can post them here? The theme of the calendar was this tartan-like motif that every model must sport (I totally forgot what the fund-raising objective was). It was also the first time I had a shoot in jockstrap and gumboots. Interestingly the photographer is a Kiwi doctor who does this as a hobby. As he is very busy with his day job, he outsources his post-shoot editing. However those edits never surfaced and I had to do my own. A fair warning—it was a no-frills shoot from the start so don't expect too much!