Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 lessons from the road

10 lessons I have learnt and pieces of advice I can offer gathered from my recent road-trip travelling in a caravan for the first time in my life:

1) Things will move violently when the vehicle is in motion. Secure EVERY single thing, including yourself. The victim in this hard-hitting lesson is my phone, which I can only service during my upcoming Singaporean trip as it is not released in Australia.

2) Equip yourself with a good cook and a good driver. In this case, we had a 2-in-1 model. Convenient as!

3) Do not assume that the heating system will work because it is something that's hard to verify at the rental office during the start of your trip. Prepare for the journey as if there will not be any heating available ie. brace yourself for the numbing cold when washing the dishes (thankfully there were shower facilities at the caravan parks). I also advise the same for cooling (air-conditioning) systems.

4) Nights can get pretty boring on the road so do arm yourself with plenty of entertainment in the form of movies and games, unless you can find people interested to engage in "nocturnal activities". I had someone from Grindr as my caravan park neighbour but nothing happened as I wasn't really in the mood and I didn't find him that hot. Anyway he was more interested in my straight travelling buddy!

5) For the driver, it can be quite challenging maneouvring a large vehicle such as the caravan especially when you want to reverse. Engage a good rear-view guide even if there is an available rear-view camera.

6) The toilet receptacle (they call it "cassette") fills up REALLY fast and has to be emptied at least once a day. If not, even people with scat and watersports fetishes won't be happy with what back-flows into the cabin.

7) Do not over-plan your itinerary as there is just too much uncertainty eg. closures of certain attractions that have not been specified on their websites. Just go with the flow and enjoy what the road throws at you.

8) Even though you might save some money with a caravan compared to staying in a hotel, you don't actually get to save that much. The caravan itself costs a little more than $1000 to rent for five days and that excludes the diesel it gulps down, which adds more than $200 to the total bill. Oh, and I almost forgot the caravan park charges which pile on a further $200.

9) The post-trip vehicular inspection at the rental office isn't as thorough as you might think. You may actually get away with quite a bit of collateral damage sustained on the road (we had some)

10) Since you would be spending a lot of time with your mates in very close proximity, make sure that you only go on such trips with really good friends. I sure did and had an awesome good time. I have the pictures to prove it!

Re-defining travelling in style

Various views of my home for those five days

Found the panoramic function on my phone and boy was that appropriate for the landscape

Having a field day with my phone

More breathtaking shots along the Great Ocean Road

A fully-stocked fridge is the only way to go when you have an avid cook on board. This is just a sample of what we got to savour on the road

As they say, great food is nothing without an appreciative audience. I am glad I could fill those shoes (and my tummy!)

The world wants to see so I shall deliver. Hor hor hor

A road-trip is nothing without great pals and plenty of cam-whoring

Chasing all our woes away with the sun, sea and spectacular view

More cam-whoring a la Kim ie. with as little clothing as possible

My Jetstar moment for the trip—it had to happen! 

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