Saturday, February 22, 2014

Musical journey (43)

My next series of vacation pictures will come next week as it is time for this month's musical journey once again. When I was living in America, I was heavily involved in an online community that was set up to share download links, IT tips and jokes, discuss TV shows, debate about life issues, and everything else under the sun. That was a time when I realised that one can actually have strong feelings for a group of people one has never met. This online family helped get me through a sometimes rather lonely period and to show my appreciation, I wrote two songs for the website (it is called "Jimmy's Forum"), one fast and one slow. This is the slow one. If you swap certain words in the song, you can change the target audience very easily. That is how powerful song lyrics are when coupled with a great tune. I like this tune a lot and hope you will like it too.

[Fly Away]

When you're feeling lost and you need a hand
There's always one on whom you can depend
When all your worries don't seem to end
You can count on this old friend

When you're down and out and you've lost all your strength
When your road's about to bend
Thank God, take a look at what He has sent
It's anything but a man

Come on in, take shelter
Heal the pain with laughter
It is our home like none other
With all the troubles in our world today
We need a place to where we can escape

Fly away, on the wings of Jimmy's
Fly away, surfing you along the streets of heaven everyday
Fly away, 'cos I don't wanna miss a single thing
I'm so blessed you came my way
Jimmy, I'm coming home to stay

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