Sunday, July 13, 2014

Musical journey (48)

One of my favourite Asian male singers is Eason Chan (陳奕迅) and over his musical career, he has produced (and still is producing) countless hit tunes, many of which I really like. This month's musical offering would be a cover of his "富士山下", a Cantonese piece with extremely well-written lyrics. I have done covers in the past but I have decided to now do it in a different way by superimposing my singing onto the original MTV. I hope you will find the result not too jarring since you might be expecting the original singer's voice instead of mine.

Well I do covers this way partly also because I yearn to have my own professionally-shot MTV one day with one of my compositions (the closest to that I have so far can be found here and here). By the way I am going to star in a sexy MTV soon as one of the two male models (ie. eye candies). Shooting starts at the end of this month and I am super excited about this new project. More importantly I have started a conversation with the MTV's singer to see if I can start a collaborative relationship with him along the lines of compositions, performances and recordings. I have sent him some of my work and he was quite impressed. After a meeting we kind of decided that me doing background vocals for him might be the best starting point going forward.

Although things are progressing in the right direction, I will approach this practically as I know that a lot of these collaborations end up in nothing seeing how hard it is to enter a music market as a foreigner and how disengaged I am with what's currently in and sells in the industry. Nevertheless I will keep pushing for something to happen so you should all watch this space in the upcoming months. OK that's enough dreaming for now. Here's my cover of Eason Chan's "富士山下", a song that is not that easy to tackle. Hope this doesn't cause any copyright issues.

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