Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Musical journey (51)

Here is a quick update of how I am coping work-wise in Papua New Guinea. I would like to think I am doing well especially when that is what my boss told me. He said if I don't hear a lot from him it means that I don't need his supervision and that in his books is the measure of good performance. He did ask others I work with for feedback though and I guess these people feel the same too. One thing to note is that there are many expatriate employees here who are not working as hard as they should be. They would find whatever means to get out of a job (eg. postponing it so that it becomes the problem of the back-to-back, jumping to conclusions quickly so as not to spend the time investigating, cooking up some excuse why the job need not be done, or simply ignoring messages from people asking for their help).

Case in point is the process engineering superintendent and I have such ill luck to have to work closely with him (he gets to the office in the morning every day close to one hour later than all of us). I however cannot slack off like that as I want to have some kind of longevity in this secondment seeing that 60% of my colleagues back in the Melbourne process engineering office have been retrenched (effective end of November) which will make competition in the already-weak job market super fierce. I dodged a bullet on that one as it could have been me. That being said, the pace of working life here is far more relaxed compared to the hectic rat race back in Australia. Also I have been given verbal assurance that my contract here will be extended till at least the end of next year due to the massive amount of work yet to be done.

OK, update over and now on to this month's musical sharing. Back in February I shared a song I wrote for an online forum I was very active in when I was living in America. I also wrote another up-tempo one for that community during the peak of my involvement. It was very well-received back then because I wrote in the lyrics a few of the main members of the group and what I thought of them. If you look closely at the lyrics, you can also see something that further associates it with that website. From the words of the song, I can relive the warmth I got from those characters, none of them whom I have actually met in real life (bar one—the leader of the group). That site has recently become inaccessible and I wonder how all of them are doing right now...

In case you find the backing track familiar that is because it is from this song. Originality is often frowned upon in the pop arena and that is why the same few chords are used over and over again. This composition of mine is no different although it is in the rock genre which is something I seldom dabble in (it hurting my vocal cords being the lesser of evils). Lastly I used the geekiest video I could find to suit the theme of this song and voila I have myself yet another music video.

["Jimmy's Forum" Theme Song]

It came out of nowhere
From "Episode Heaven"
How it has grown
No one could have envisioned
If you like to watch TV
Sit down and have a listen
This is a song written for "Jimmy's Forum"

It's a place where we share all things from A to Z
It's a place to laugh and cry and act all silly
It's a place beyond all of your wildest dreams
It's a place where you can be you and I can be me

Just another website that the geeks all like
It's like a drug, we all need it to survive
Man! It's gonna be such an amazing ride
Maybe it's a feeling that just cannot be described
You and I, a family connecting right
Say! It's the world's most wonderful site

Cyber with "The Simpsons"
On the dot every time
Count on Helix to link you to any porn site
Moderator PB Gal's the first girl in sight
We all love to hate and hate to love Solo, that's right

Courage is our mother hen, his love warms the cold
Pabelo dexing on, spinning out of control
Our Forum police, Kimbal is on the patrol
If I have left out anyone, that's 'cos I'm getting old

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