Saturday, March 21, 2015

Musical journey (56)

I am now back in boring Papua New Guinea and certain that you are not keen to hear more about my mundane life here, so let's move straight to this month's musical piece.

I have always found Jay Chou immensely talented. He spearheaded a whole musical genre in the Asian pop industry and is so well-trained musically that I think he deserves all the fame and fortune he currently holds. Did I mention that he has also acted in a Hollywood movie, directed award-winning movies and is a successful businessman? He constantly pushes his craft to the limit from different angles unlike most other pop stars who keep rehashing the tried and tested formula that got them famous in the first place. It is true that he can't sing that well so I classify him as a performer rather than a singer (FYI I think Madonna sits in the same category). However with his multifaceted talents, I am sure he can stay popular for as long as he wishes. The Asian music scene needs more people like him in order to raise its own standards to match that of the West.

This is why when Jay Chou wrote both the lyrics and tune to a song for one of my favourite male singers (Eason Chan), it became an instant hit on my play list and I knew I had to cover it. This song is called "淘汰", which roughly translates to "weeding out inferior competitors". Enjoy!

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