Sunday, May 24, 2015

Singapore through Facebook (part 4)

Here is the last part of the pictures from my recent Singapore trip including some implied nudes from my naturistic trip to the amazing Lazarus Island. I hope I can do a photo shoot there one day and talking about shoots, I have included previews from my second shoot during this trip right smack in the heartlands—Bishan Park. You can see the pictures from my previous three posts here, here and here. I had a blast catching up with friends and family and had my fill of cheap but oh-so-good local fare (plus Mum's yummy cooking). Ision and I have already bought the tickets for the next trip and something HUGE is going to happen then (in a little more than a month's time), so you can definitely expect more snaps from this happy traveller!

You'd think I'd lose it with all the eating (for 2 or more) right? Sorry to disappoint you because gym selfies taken today can't lie!
Look who I bumped into while shopping today!
Supper with love by none other. Mum I love you!
Finally for a change, some daytime naturistic fun on Lazarus Island, one of the most unpopulated islands in Singapore. Notice I used the word "daytime". Heehee.
I am glad I came out today to enjoy nature and being one with it. Thanks Roy for being such a great nudist friend. Stay tuned for more salacious pics! — at Lazarus Island.
Naturism in Singapore. Who would have thought it can actually happen in such a closed-minded nation and at such a scenic location with clean white sand and pristine blue water? I will definitely visit again with other fellow nudists and make it a party to remember! — at Lazarus Island.
How can a trip back home be complete without crashing the gig of my bestest girlfriend? Sounding great tonight! And yeah, Phoebee you were good too!
Here we are, another try at the hotpot with the best service. Supper with great friends on my last night in Singapore.
The best company money can't buy! — at 海底撈 Haidilao, 313 Somerset.
OK, the presentation is not so flashy but this is what I grew up with - Chui Kueh, a staple breakfast item in Singapore and something I finally got to try this trip back home. Plus the pork bao that I love so much that somehow Australia fails to get it right. — at Albert Complex Market & Food Centre.
Here are some previews from my shoot yesterday. These were snaps of the photographer's camera display so pardon the poor quality. There are some really great shots there. Can't wait to get the final edits!
Managed to squeeze in 3 things I have yet to savour this trip before I fly back to Melbourne with mummy. Beef soup, mee rebus and durian (I missed out on durian and durian ice kacang is the closest I can get to the king of fruits). — travelling to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from Staff Canteen Terminal 1 Changi International Airport.
Bye bye Singapore! Can you imagine this is the first time I am flying with my mum? Unbelievable! — traveling to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from D32 Changi Airport Terminal 1.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Singapore through Facebook (part 3)

Sigh... I am now back in the hot and humid lowlands a.k.a. that faraway site and it looks my project is going to be delayed for another two weeks. Oh well, as long as I get paid on time I have no issues with doing less. I also realised I cannot escape the dreaded annual performance review which has been a pointless endeavour for some years now due to wage freezes. Apparently the company here in Papua New Guinea also instilled such a freeze but since these expatriates get paid so much more than me, they cannot really complain even though they do. OK, I will stop ranting about my boring life now.

In comparison, there is nothing boring when it came to my trip back to Singapore during Chinese New Year. This is the third part of the pictures I documented that holiday with via Facebook (the other parts are here, here and here). Enjoy (especially that snap of me in bondage gear)—I know I won't when I am stuck here in PNG!

 The POV pic for you leg-lovers as promised. Drool on this!

OMG. Laksa with the laksa leaves that are alien to Australia but absolutely essential to the dish. It's the laksa with the metallic taste that boo hates but I love it! And the kopi—a fraction of the Australian price and better in flavour! — at Plaza Singapura.

PapaRich in Singapore? I never! — at Papparich at Plaza Singapura.

Collagen hotpot is the talk of the town and so I am finally going to try it! The solid goo is the congealed soup before it melts. It looks weird but when it becomes soup it tastes so good. Thanks Li Hui for recommending this place to me! — at Tsukada Nojo At Plaza Singapura.

That cursed pole! This is a sexy pair of legs! Yeah yeah yeah, who hasn't perved on another on public transport before?

Another meal meant for two down my gut of one. How can I not get fat after this holiday? — at JCube.

OK, wasn't planning to go to the gym today but how can I not when this kind of mouthwatering goodness is bombarding me day and night???

If you want to fatten up, Singapore is where you should go but you know what's better than the food? The company. Thanks my fellow MuChuan singers. Hope we can stay good friends forever.

 Did anyone say supper? One of the most expensive hotpot in town and it opens to 6am! I am so going to lose my abs. HELP! — at 海底撈 Haidilao, 313 Somerset.

The pic, as promised. Now am I porn material? Can I pull off S&M?

Another sexy pair of legs spotted on the train. Shit I am becoming a serial perver! 

Do you see the irony here? The ad execs should be shot. The only kind of courage you'll get here is of the Dutch variety.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal. And this is considered simple fare when it comes to my mum. Love her so much!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Singapore through Facebook (part 2)

OK, the flight tickets for our upcoming Singapore trip at the end of next month have all been booked and I know we will have a great time especially when a very important event is going to take place during that trip (don't worry, there will be no spoilers here). In the meantime, let me share with you the second part of my Facebook pictures taken three months ago in Singapore over Chinese New Year (the other parts are here, here and here). Thank goodness I made these Facebook posts, otherwise how do we know those things really happened? In case you don't believe that I actually lost weight despite all the eating, there are enough hot gym selfies to back myself up!

 Best prawn noodle in my neighbourhood. How I miss you so!

Selfies time! There's something for everyone here. Biceps, quads and abs galore. For leg fans, stay tuned for a drool-worthy pic that I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with.

Another hawker craving crossed off the list! Yong tau foo goodness in all his glory! — at NTUC Foodfare @ AMK Hub.

Do you see anything obviously wrong in the English section of this sign?

It's like I've died and gone to heaven! — at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre.

So clear blue skies do exist in Singapore. Why haven't I noticed it for 30 years?

I know this is not carbs-free but I really miss this. The mix-and-match concept of small dishes of your choice with a no-rice option is non-existent in Australia. — at NTUC Foodfare @ AMK Hub.

A place that specialises only in gyoza. Must take boo here the next time he comes home with me. — at AMK Hub.

The view from the newest shopping mall in Singapore. This is one of the reasons why I like this tiny red dot.

They didn't build train stations like these when I was growing up! — at Stadium MRT Station.

In need of a cold pick-me-up after a topless walk at the Marina Bay Sands area taking in the sights. With such cheap data prepaid plans and a super powerful mobile charger with me, I feel absolutely invincible in this extremely well-connected country! — at Joe & Dough Gourmet Coffee & Sandwiches.

Am I going to devour all of this food that's meant for two? Hell yeah! I've travelled so far for this and there's no turning back now! — at Maxwell Food Centre.

Next stop in the festive gorging process - bubblies and calamari! — at Praelum Wine Bistro.

Been dying to have kway chap for the longest time, something that you will never see in Australian eateries. Craving sated! Now it's a day of Orchard Road shopping with mum!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Singapore through Facebook (part 1)

Over the Chinese New Year period, I went back to Singapore to spend some time with my favourite 3 F's in this world (family, friends and food). The timing was just right as the end of my third hitch in Papua New Guinea coincided with the eve of Chinese New Year. I took the overnight flight and arrived back home on the first day of Chinese New Year.

I am glad I made the decision to go home—you really don't know how much you miss home until you return. The last time I was back home during Chinese New Year was in 2008 when I took Ision to meet my family for the first time. Gosh! I can't believe it has been seven whole years already! I seriously need to go back to experience the new year festivities more often! That being said, I did so much more than Chinese New Year stuff and I will be sharing my sixteen-day trip with you using the pictorial posts I made on Facebook (how can there be a better way?). A lot of the pictures were of food and boy, did I eat!!! Somehow that didn't affect my physique a single bit and I still managed to look great in the two photo shoots I managed to squeeze into the trip (some preview shots from the first shoot included in this post). In fact I actually lost weight at the end of this holiday! Here are the first set of pictures (the rest are here, here and here).

Steamboat on the first day of Chinese New Year. Why not?

Morning jog done. Boy it's good to sweat it out. And I need the cardio too after all the Chinese New Year gorging (with more to come)!

A feast is not a feast until it is one prepared by my mum, a feat that took AGES. Mum you've done it again!!! Now on to the easy part we go!

 The token lo-hei. Before and then the aftermath.

Breakfast of champions. Homemade carrot cake. Psst. Don't want to let mum hear this but Ision's tastes slightly better.

I know this isn't anything to shout about. But boy do I miss Singapore-style fried kway teow! Isn't it great I can indulge like this and still look the way I do?

I've grown up with this view from my flat but you don't appreciate what you've got till you've been away from it for a while. Singapore is crowded but there are many pockets of openness and serenity. You just have to know where to look.

Not really a fan of beer but I think The Yellow Van has started to change that. Great brew Ivan! — at The 1925 Microbrewery & Restaurant.

Wanted to try this ever since I saw it on the menu. Pasta in chili crab sauce. Only at 1925! — at The 1925 Microbrewery & Restaurant.

Round 2. The pig-out after the photo shoot is the best part of the photo shoot! — at The 1925 Microbrewery & Restaurant.

The amazing shoot today with an amazing photographer at an amazing location!