Sunday, May 24, 2015

Singapore through Facebook (part 4)

Here is the last part of the pictures from my recent Singapore trip including some implied nudes from my naturistic trip to the amazing Lazarus Island. I hope I can do a photo shoot there one day and talking about shoots, I have included previews from my second shoot during this trip right smack in the heartlands—Bishan Park. You can see the pictures from my previous three posts here, here and here. I had a blast catching up with friends and family and had my fill of cheap but oh-so-good local fare (plus Mum's yummy cooking). Ision and I have already bought the tickets for the next trip and something HUGE is going to happen then (in a little more than a month's time), so you can definitely expect more snaps from this happy traveller!

You'd think I'd lose it with all the eating (for 2 or more) right? Sorry to disappoint you because gym selfies taken today can't lie!
Look who I bumped into while shopping today!
Supper with love by none other. Mum I love you!
Finally for a change, some daytime naturistic fun on Lazarus Island, one of the most unpopulated islands in Singapore. Notice I used the word "daytime". Heehee.
I am glad I came out today to enjoy nature and being one with it. Thanks Roy for being such a great nudist friend. Stay tuned for more salacious pics! — at Lazarus Island.
Naturism in Singapore. Who would have thought it can actually happen in such a closed-minded nation and at such a scenic location with clean white sand and pristine blue water? I will definitely visit again with other fellow nudists and make it a party to remember! — at Lazarus Island.
How can a trip back home be complete without crashing the gig of my bestest girlfriend? Sounding great tonight! And yeah, Phoebee you were good too!
Here we are, another try at the hotpot with the best service. Supper with great friends on my last night in Singapore.
The best company money can't buy! — at 海底撈 Haidilao, 313 Somerset.
OK, the presentation is not so flashy but this is what I grew up with - Chui Kueh, a staple breakfast item in Singapore and something I finally got to try this trip back home. Plus the pork bao that I love so much that somehow Australia fails to get it right. — at Albert Complex Market & Food Centre.
Here are some previews from my shoot yesterday. These were snaps of the photographer's camera display so pardon the poor quality. There are some really great shots there. Can't wait to get the final edits!
Managed to squeeze in 3 things I have yet to savour this trip before I fly back to Melbourne with mummy. Beef soup, mee rebus and durian (I missed out on durian and durian ice kacang is the closest I can get to the king of fruits). — travelling to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from Staff Canteen Terminal 1 Changi International Airport.
Bye bye Singapore! Can you imagine this is the first time I am flying with my mum? Unbelievable! — traveling to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from D32 Changi Airport Terminal 1.


Anonymous said...

How did you not get caught with the Lazarus island shot?

Kim said...

It was really secluded the day we visited as it was a weekday so I could do whatever I wanted. I heard it is now getting popular and crowded but I will see for myself as I will be in Singapore end of 2019. Sorry for the VERY late reply!!!