Monday, June 8, 2015

Mummy in Melbourne again (part 1)

On the last day of my Singapore trip over Chinese New Year, my mum and I took off together for the first time for an overseas trip. Well it was going back home to Melbourne for me but it was considered a holiday for my mum. Although this was not her first time there, the difference was I could devote all my time to her unlike the last time when I had to leave her at home while I went to work (quite a nasty thing to do actually). For those ten days, we went sightseeing and did all the touristy stuff. It was a first time for me travelling in an Australian tour group (it felt nice not having to worry about transport but it also meant very compressed schedules).
In a series of Facebook posts, I made sure all of my friends knew what I was doing with my mum. For those not in my friend's list, here is part one of what happened.

Boo's cooking is going to get a taste test by my mummy. Will he pass the test???

Walkabout in the city with Mum today. Looks like she enjoyed herself.
Another day of shopping and eating with mummy dearest... and you can't help but recommend great Vietnamese when you have guests visiting Melbourne! — at Mekong Vietnamese Pho Noodle House.
First stop - getting friendly with alpacas at a woollen mill. — at Creswick Woollen Mills.
Next stop - Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Black swans are all the hype. — at Ballarat Botanical Gardens.
Third spot of the day - chasing the golden dream at Sovereign Hill. This is truly the highlight of today's tour. Looks like whoring for the camera runs in the family! — at Sovereign Hill.
So many pictures from our short trip to Sovereign Hill today. How can there only be one post? — at Sovereign Hill.
Last stop of the day - a winery. This post features only my mum. Hope she had as much fun touring as she did having her pictures taken. — at St. Anne's Winery - Myrniong.
I am so glad Mum got to experience the bustling Melbourne night life. Boy I am so full now! — at The Night Market.
Another day of touring. First stop - Mum's photo shoot amongst the lavender bushes. — at Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens.
Next stop - munching on self-picked strawberries. It's my first time picking them at a farm! — at Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.
Lunch and coffee stop amongst the pesky seagulls. The bay view is great though! — at Sorrento Beach On The Mornington Peninsula.

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